IT Hardware Repairs Service

If your IT hardware has any damaged or missing components, our IPC 610 certified team can repair it. This maximizes your budget and guarantees performance as good as new. Once we have repaired your IT hardware, we test every component and provide full certification.

The Techbuyer Repairs team carry out a variety of IT repairs, replacements and reprogramming to make your IT equipment perform as well as new. Our team has a broad range of experience including resetting MSA controllers, reprogramming server memory and repairing motherboards.

What Do We Repair?

HPE, Dell and IBM Servers – We provide general repairs to chassis damage and the ears/lock mechanism.

MSA Controllers – Our Repairs team are experienced in targeted MSA controller repairs and provide a number of repairs including repairing chassis damage, replacing or changing i/o connectors and USB ports.

HPE, Dell and IBM System Boards – We repair damaged i/o connectors, USB ports, and replace / change damaged or missing resistors and capacitors. Since we can access the interior of the hardware, we can assess the exact issue and find a solution quickly.

Server Memory – We can replace / change missing or existing resistors and capacitors. We are also able to correct SPD Errors on Failed DIMMs by resetting the DIMM configuration.

CPU Repair – There are two sides to repairing processors; repairing the pins on the board and restoring the capacitors. Our team can manipulate pins back into position..

HPE, Cisco and Dell Switches – We repair damaged i/o connectors, USB ports and chassis.

Software Support – If your IT equipment’s firmware is in need of an upgrade or reprogramming, our technicians can provide this service.

Cleaning – Hardware performance can suffer due to dusty components. We access the interior of IT components to clean the equipment and ensure optimum uptime once more. 

These are the main repairs that we do, however this list is non-exhaustive, so if you would like us to look at something that is not listed please do get in touch.

“At Techbuyer, we see the value in refurbishing data center equipment. By offering repairs, we are enabling businesses to get the most out of their current IT solutions and thereby minimize IT spend. Extending the product life of IT equipment also prevents e-waste and ensures that valuable materials such as steel and aluminium are used for longer.”


 Tom Reid - Techbuyer Operations Director