Top Enterprise Tech Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

2022 was a fantastic year for technology with new innovation moving forwards in leaps and bounds; however, we believe 2023 has the potential to reach new heights too. With progress made in almost every area of IT development, and new technologies becoming more widely sought after, desirable and accessible our Techbuyer experts wanted to share their predictions for the newest and most impactful trends in the sector during 2023. 

Here we select 5 of the top trends we expect to see. 
1) Sustainability 

Our number one prediction is that many companies will be making their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies a focal part of their IT strategy in 2023.  

Kevin Towers, Techbuyer’s CEO, commented “there is going to be an increasing focus on sustainability and reuse. Major brands are talking about these issues a lot and we will continue to see them do so in 2023. This greater focus on ESG goals and sustainability will drive forward best business practice.” 

 A recent Gartner survey agrees, stating that CEOs are reporting that ESG is now in the top three strategic priorities after profit and revenue. This means that companies will need to prioritize investment in innovative solutions to meet their sustainability goals; sustainable technology is key to this.  

Proactive enterprise IT teams will be looking to implement sustainable technology frameworks that increase the energy and efficiency of IT services, optimizing sustainability through traceability, analytics, renewable energy, and AI.  

Sustainable technology is not new to Techbuyer – we’ve been delivering performance leading, sustainable IT solutions for many years, improving the efficiency and environmental impact of data centers and performance driven businesses with our research proven approach, equipment and tools. From refurbished IT hardware, responsible disposal of technology or data center performance analysis with our Interact tool*, we offer a wide range of services and products to help you actualize your sustainable strategy.  

*Interact is a non-intrusive, machine leaning tool that provides tailored server upgrade recommendations that drastically reduce the cost, energy consumption and carbon footprint of your server estate. Interact can identify opportunities to improve data center efficiency, saving your business money, energy, space, and CO2 emissions.   

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2) Accelerated Digital Transformation 

Techbuyer’s experts expect to see substantial developments in transformative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and cloud computing in 2023. 

These transformational digital technologies work hand-in-hand, and combining them will lead to more efficient and streamlined processes. 

“We will see the boundaries between [transformational technology] blurring. This brings us closer than ever to the point where we can create “intelligent enterprises” where systems and processes support each other to complete menial and mundane tasks in the most efficient way possible.” - Bernard Marr, Forbes. 

Many organizations have adopted digital transformation with the objective of adding value to their business through digital products, services, and experiences. Additionally, during the pandemic, many organizations found that digital transformation efforts helped improve their resilience against market disruptions.  

We believe this will pose challenges for businesses who will need to address the skills gap that exists in these areas. Many businesses will not only need to invest in these technologies, they will also need to train staff to work alongside smart machines. Growing their uniquely human skills that currently cannot be automated, such as creativity, critical thinking, and interpersonal communication. 

3) Containers 
Containers have been around for some time and seem to be here to stay. 

At Techbuyer , we believe that containers will continue to rise in popularity to become a dominant hardware structure in the technology sector.  

Techbuyer Technical Consultant, Chris Parry, believes, “Containers have the potential to exceed Virtual Machines, both in terms of use and functionality”. 

This is further emphasized by Gartner statistics which estimate that 70% of organizations will run more than three containerized applications by 2023. 

Containerization is now popular thanks to its easy setup, augmented security, and impressive scalability, making it an up-and-coming trend for 2023 technology and an effective way to achieve IT goals for current needs and future growth.  

Two areas we’d expect to see particularly strong growth in 2023 are: 

Container Orchestration: This involves automating container deployment and scaling across multiple environments using a single command line tool or API interface, through automation tools such as Kubernetes or RancherOS.  

Container Monitoring: Tools that monitor container health from within the OS itself can help businesses troubleshoot issues faster than traditional monitoring solutions such as Jaeger-Agent. An example of this is Tanzu Kubernetes Operations (TKO), the main management and monitoring platform from VMware. It uses Kubernetes and integrates alongside vSphere, enabling management of VMs and containers from one tool. 

4) Alternatives to Cloud Computing  

Despite the advantages that the cloud brings to businesses, such as reduced downtime and lower costs, it also has its challenges, including a reliance on internet connectivity and security concerns. This will lead to the continued emergence of new alternatives, which we believe will gain rapid popularity in 2023.  

Right now, the two most popular alternatives are: 

  • Edge computing – where data is processed close to the physical location creating the data.
  • Fog computing – for big data management, fog computing acts as a mediator between the edge and the cloud. 

Some of the advantages of these two alternatives to the cloud are: 

  • They are useful in instances where internet connection isn't stable as they can work without seamless connectivity to the internet.  
  • As all data is stored in the user’s machines, fog and edge computing offer better security options managed by the user.  
  • Alternatives to the cloud are more effective than the cloud itself because it only takes a few seconds or milliseconds for bi-directional communication between IoT devices to be completed.  

Edge and fog computing can be used in many different industries as a new data processing and storage option and we expect to see their use increase, particularly in the retail, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors, in 2023.  

5) Increase in Wireless Technology 

Although we are not expecting to see any single wireless technology dominating in 2023,  we believe that enterprises will increase their use of a variety of wireless solutions to support their environments; from Wi-Fi, services for mobile devices to low-power protocols. This will be particularly prominent in IT systems requiring scalability for business growth and development, as well as systems where latency has historically been an issue.  

As predicted by Laurent Therivel, President and CEO of UScellular, “As 5G coverage expands throughout 2023, more businesses will turn to wireless for reliable, uninterrupted connectivity.” 

With businesses needing instant access to data through easy-to-manage systems, wireless will increase in popularity to allow for scalable and flexible IT systems.  


Techbuyer: Your Choice for Sustainable IT Solutions 

These are our top tech predictions for 2023 and we would love to hear what you think will have the greatest impact on your business and industry? 

What other trends do you foresee?  

No matter your technology goals in 2023 we can help you with high-quality, sustainable IT solutions designed with your specific business objectives in mind. From responsible disposal of data bearing assets, product life extension with component level upgrades, to expertly designed IT systems built around your unique performance goals.