The Second-Hand Tech Powering Tomorrow’s Businesses – The Telegraph

Techbuyer went live on the Telegraph Business website with a documentary spotlighting the benefits of refurbished IT equipment. The film is part of the Great British Business Campaign that was featured on various television and media outlets. The Telegraph is one of the biggest newspaper publications in the UK. Founded in 1855, the Telegraph has a daily readership of over 450,000.

Article Summary:

  • The trend for computer equipment to be reconditioned instead of replaced is forcing big businesses to rethink their technological infrastructure.
  • Kevin Towers, managing director at Techbuyer said, “I think the computer industry has taken advantage of a lack of specialist knowledge in the past and has sold customers some great equipment of which they’re never going to take full advantage.”.
  • Kevin and his team take a different approach. Their clients’ needs are carefully examined, and a solution from Techbuyer’s stock of refurbished and reconditioned computer equipment is put together that delivers the required functionality. The equipment is certified to the highest standards, comes with a three-year warranty, and encompasses anything from a memory stick to a full computer network. 

Read the full article on The Telegraph website here.

Or watch the video about Techbuyer, featuring Natasha Kaplinsky below.


Techbuyer is a global leader in the buying, refurbishing and selling of enterprise IT hardware. Not only do we sell brand new IT parts, we also buy used parts such as servers, memory and storage and turn them into low-cost, quality refurbished IT equipment. For press enquiries please email