How to Decommission IT Hardware

Decommissioning used equipment can be a headache for many companies; getting rid of used technology, safely and effectively, whilst also protecting your data is essential to every business, however, it can often be costly and difficult to organize.

Techbuyer's decommissioning service aims to take the stress, cost, and hassle out of this process and give you peace of mind about protecting your data during the entire procedure.

The Decommissioning Process

Every stage of the decommissioning with Techbuyer is designed to protect your company's data, existing equipment, and productivity, in order to keep things running as safely and effectively as possible. Firstly, we will talk to you about your data center or workplace to identify the exact equipment you want removing and how best this can be achieved. We will arrange any specialist procedures that may need undertaking, such as raising the floor access or using a stair climber, to help remove large items, such as rack servers.

Downtime can often be required during the process of removing equipment, particularly where servers are concerned. We will help your business power down safely, without risking losing key data or programs, and we will help you back online as quickly as possible to keep your business's productivity where it needs to be.

Operating since 2005, our technicians are highly skilled at removing the equipment from your premises. We aim to remove the equipment safely and quickly to ensure that your business is both protected and disturbed as little as possible. Your equipment is then transferred to our ADISA accredited facilities using our secure chain of transport, where the data erasure process begins and we completely sanitize the hardware of any information that currently sits in its systems.

If you're looking to replace the decommissioned equipment, or upgrade your equipment due to growth or development, we can help supply you with exceptional and high-performing IT solutions that can be customized or altered to fit your business's needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade or simply replace technology, we have a range of services and products to help you achieve this goal.

ADISA Accredited

Our facilities and decommissioning process are fully accredited by ADISA, ensuring the highest level of security when it comes to data erasure and data protection. Your equipment will be collected by our secure team in a GPS-tracked van and driven directly to our ADISA accredited facilities to be sanitized of all data and information. We provide full documentation at every stage of the process and eliminate security risks for your business. Our facilities use Blancco and White Canyon software to ensure the complete erasure of data from the internal systems of all hardware.

What Can We Decommission?

Our facilities are capable of decommissioning a wide range of IT devices or systems dependent on the needs of you and your business. We can decommission servers, including rack, blade and tower servers, as well as their accompanying infrastructure. We can also help you dispose of storage and networking equipment, laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and any supporting infrastructure that may come with these devices.

The IT Life Cycle 

Decommissioning equipment is one step that we can take with any company in establishing and maintaining their IT life cycle. As one of the leading names in refurbished IT solutions, Techbuyer doesn't just offer decommissioning services; we also work with companies to upgrade or replace their used or excess IT systems with sustainable, refurbished technology. As business requirements grow and change, as IT needs to be updated or replaced, we work with companies to create a circular economy in which  IT systems can grow and advance using refurbished equipment.

Meanwhile, used devices come back to us to be recycled. This process not only saves companies money and time but also offers the opportunity to configure unique servers and IT solutions that are built to your exact requirements.

For more information on our decommissioning services and enhancing your IT lifecycle, head to our decommissioning page.