Techbuyer’s Anthony & Dakota Visit their Colleagues Across the Pond!

Joining Techbuyer’s USA sales and purchasing team 6 months ago in Rochester, Minnesota, Anthony and Dakota have made a great addition to Techbuyer’s international family. Last week, they hopped on a plane and took the almost 4,000-mile journey to the Techbuyer head office in Harrogate, England! Here’s a quick interview about what they’ve learnt from their British colleagues and what’s shocked them the most about British culture.

What’s been the biggest culture shock when visiting the UK for the first time?

Anthony: Dogs can go everywhere! They can go in stores and be off their leads. You don’t get that in the US.

Dakota: Definitely some of the lingo and references. One that always caught me out was referring to dinner as “tea time.” I was always lost when people kept asking me what I was doing at “tea time” around dinner time.

What were you hoping to gain from your trip to the UK office? 

Anthony: I feel like my knowledge has doubled in the week I’ve been here. There are so many high-end professionals that have made some things that I thought were hard before, seem so simple now. The knowledge is incredible.

Dakota: Being able to see the full scale of the operations in the UK combined with the incredible amount of knowledge that the seasoned sales members had. It was a great opportunity to learn and grow while I was over in the UK and I am very excited to apply my knowledge in the US markets.

What’s been the best thing about visiting the UK office? 

Anthony: Everyone has been super welcoming. No request has been too big or small and everyone has been really friendly… apart from when they’re mocking my accent of course.

Dakota: I would have to say curry night or Monday night football. It was great to see the type of family and welcoming environment that has been established in the UK office/ warehouse.

What’s the worst and best new food you have tried in the UK? 

Anthony: I will never be able to eat fish and chips anywhere else. It was the best made dish that I had, but I also love how fresh and healthier most dishes are in the UK. I never plan on trying black pudding again…

Dakota: The best food I had was the proper fish and chips, curry or pork pies. On the other end of the spectrum, I would say black pudding was probably the most interesting food that I tried.

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