Ostara Systems, UK


Ostara Systems, UK

Techbuyer secures long-term relationship with software specialist.

“I only need to give a brief overview of what I am looking for and our sales executive makes it happen. We have a good business relationship with Techbuyer and really appreciate having a single point of contact who understands our business needs and has our best interests at heart.”

Steve Sartain, Director of Technical Services, Ostara Systems



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Ostara provides a software service that manages building maintenance for large scale clients in the retail, financial and commercial sectors such as Primark, Yorkshire Building Society and Premier Inn. It provides a proprietary system accessed through multiple client devices. The company maintains and updates this on its own servers. With a high level of specialised IT knowledge, the company is able to monitor and service the over 30 servers used to run its proprietary software, and carry out repairs. However, the company needs access to high quality hardware in order to upgrade and expand.

The Challenge

As a software specialist, Ostara Systems requires continuous improvements on, and expansions to, its servers in line with growing customer demand. A company that prides itself on delivering cost savings and flexibility, it looks to work smart with its IT hardware and wants to extend product life for as long as possible. It has in-house expertise in maintaining and upgrading systems but needed a reliable hardware supplier to provide high quality, low cost servers and component parts at short notice.

Techbuyer's Solution

Over the course of a year, Techbuyer built up a good understanding of Ostara’s requirements and were able to deliver high performance refurbished hard disk drives, servers and component parts with a three-year warranty. Over the 19 orders during that space of time, Techbuyer built up a solid reputation for quality, fast delivery and integrity. This lead to a long-term relationship where Ostara felt confident enough to use Techbuyer as the preferred supplier for a nine month infrastructure improvement project. This would give Ostara the performance increase it needed at a fraction of the cost of new.

Techbuyer's Winning Criteria:

Single point of contact with dedicated account manager

An understanding of the client's business needs

A history in providing useful advice

Quality guarantees such as three-year warranty

An interest in building long-term business relationships

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