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Upgrade, Don't Replace Your Laptops and Desktops

On average, laptops and desktops are replaced every 3 years. However, most are useful for around 6 to 7 years. A great way to extend the life of your IT devices is with component level upgrades, which increase performance and save money over time, whilst keeping quality devices in use.

The Techbuyer laptop and desktop service is a new, sustainable business stream which does just that.

Maximise System Performance

Our component level upgrades unlock the full potential of existing laptops and desktops. Rather than carrying out large scale IT refreshes every three or four years, where most technology will be replaced, at Techbuyer we can add new SSDs and RAM to your current equipment. This is an efficient and cost-effective way to increase system performance for your business.

As a refurbishment specialist, we solve every part of your IT journey. Once you have upgraded components with us, we can buy your used IT equipment and generate a cash return. When you are finished with your current laptops and desktops, we can also buy this IT hardware back and provide new or refurbished IT solutions for your business.

Choose your desired level of support

Every business will have different IT requirements, and so we provide three tiers of upgrades and support depending on your specific needs.



Upgrade RAM & SSD

1-3 Year Warranty

Price from $90





Upgrade RAM & SSD

1-3 Year Warranty

Price from $90





Upgrade RAM & SSD

1-3 Year Warranty

HD Cloning & Imaging

Price on application


If you are interested in finding out more about our Laptop and Desktop component upgrades download our e-Book.

Learn the step by step details of our upgrade service, exactly how it can benefit your business, and reduce the environmental impact your business has on the earth's resources.

Halve your IT refresh cycle

Component upgrades are a much quicker process than waiting to refresh and decommission existing equipment. For instance, instead of replacing your laptops after three years, Techbuyer can instead replace your SSD and RAM twice within six years. This enables great performance gains and avoids the hassle of buying new IT hardware.

IT Lifecycle Management

As an IT refurbishment specialist, we can manage and maintain the entire IT lifecycle of your business. From buying your decommissioned IT parts and systems, providing replacements, carrying out repairs and upgrades, and buying back your equipment once you no longer need it.

A secure solution

Techbuyer has a long history in the protection of client data and we operate to the highest security standards in the industry. We adhere to rigorous data protection, data erasure, and on-site security processes and our commitment to high quality, security and environmental responsibility are reflected by our global reputation as one of the world's leading providers of sustainable IT solutions.

Why Techbuyer?

Techbuyer is a global specialist in supplying cost-effective and sustainable IT solutions. As a team of IT specialists dedicated to preventing quality materials going to waste, we are experts in asset life cycle extension and always choose repairing, upgrading and reusing wherever possible.

Impressive warranties

IT life cycle management

Expert IT advice

Fast responses, quick delivery

Great cost savings

Rigorous data protection