HPE ProLiant BL685c Blade Servers

The HPE ProLiant BL685c blade server provides great expansion for your data center. The HPE BL685c G6 server has the largest memory footprint of any G6 blade server, supporting up to 32 DDR2 memory modules. It also supports four AMD processors and up to two SFF HDDs which enables excellent results for compute heavy environments.

To tailor HPE BL685c servers to your exact IT requirements, try our server configuration tool which creates accurate server builds. Our experienced team then build your design for you, free of charge.

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  1. HP ProLiant BL685c G6 CTO Server
    HP ProLiant BL685c G6 CTO Server
    Configure To Order Server
    Product Code: 491338-B21

    $181.25 $193.26

  2. HP ProLiant BL685c G5 Server
    HP ProLiant BL685c G5 Server
    Call To Configure Blade Server
    Product Code: 454624-B21

    $168.75 $179.93

  3. HP ProLiant BL685c G6 Server
    HP ProLiant BL685c G6 Server
    8389 2.90GHz Quad-core 2P 8GB Blade Server
    Product Code: 491336-B21

    Available to Back Order

3 Items

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Browse HP ProLiant BL685c servers with a three year warranty, fast delivery and excellent support options. With room for four AMD CPUs, HP BL685c servers provide impressive processing power and boost the efficiency of your workload.

Want to configure HP BL685c servers to your specific needs, rent IT hardware for temporary or short-term projects, or add extra HP support to your order? We can help. Contact our five-star rated team for more information.