IP Phones

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IP phones, or VoIP (Voice over IP) phones, are rapidly becoming the standard type of office phones. Their growth is due to a number of reasons – they are more versatile, they run off a single network, users can log in on any device and updates and maintenance can be done remotely.

Techbuyer sells a variety of IP phones from major brands such as Alcatel and Cisco, as well as other niche brands. If you’re not sure which IP phone you need, contact one of our dedicated IT specialists today.

IP phones can be powered via a regular mains socket, or via a PoE port if your switch supports this feature. By using the internet, IP phones bypass the charges of telephone companies, allowing you to transmit signals anywhere without charge.

Browse our range of both new and refurbished IP phones to expand or customise your internal networking system. 

Techbuyer is a global supplier of sustainable IT solutions; our range includes high quality refurbished devices, designed to enhance your business network. For more information on exactly what IP phones can do for you, contact our experienced team.



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