Local Hire Policy

Techbuyer is a leading provider of refurbished server, storage and networking equipment with the potential to generate employment and business opportunities for people and companies in close proximity to its operations.

The Local Hire policy has been developed to ensure that Techbuyer benefits local area residents and local communities are optimised during Techbuyer recruitment campaigns. The company, its contractors and consultants are required to observe the following hiring principles.

Techbuyer will:

  • Ensure local people receive priority consideration for employment, based on qualifications and merit
  • Ensure local companies (contractors, suppliers, and consultants) receive priority consideration for contract opportunities, based on qualifications and merit
  • Where possible, provide or facilitate access to training to ensure local residents gain the skills and qualifications necessary for employment

The first consideration for awarding new employment and contract opportunities related to Techbuyer’s activities will always be qualifications and merit.  Among qualified candidates and companies, preference will be given to those in closest proximity to Techbuyer’s operations.




Emily Shorrock

Group HR Director