Information Security Policy Statement

Operating in the technological sector, Techbuyer realises the implications of not stringently securing information. Techbuyer is committed to satisfying applicable requirements to ensure information security. The directors of Techbuyer are committed to ensuring that our management system achieves its intended outcome for the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information in line with all applicable laws and regulations.

Every member of staff must be committed to protecting the information circulated in Techbuyer’s operations. All employees should familiarise themselves with this policy and make sure that all operations are conducted in line with the information security management system. Requirements for the information security management system are integrated into our business processes.

Techbuyer is committed to ensuring the continual improvement of the information security management system. This includes having a process in place for the setting of information security objectives. Information security objectives are proposed – and approved through management review meetings - using SWOT analysis to identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We will act on these findings to reduce vulnerabilities to information security threats and ensure that we have adequate means and ways to deal with the event of a threat.

The company’s continual monitoring of performance ensures that our information security is maintained - and enhanced - through the implementation of improvements wherever the opportunity arises. The company is committed to ensuring that the resources required to safeguard information security are available and utilised. Techbuyer has a dedicated IT department which supports and implements our information security management system.

Management are responsible for ensuring that employees in their area of responsibility are adhering to the information security management system. Managers should make sure that employees are trained in the information security management system and are aware of their responsibilities. Employees are encouraged to raise any feedback and opportunities for improvement of the information security management system.

Techbuyer communicates its information management system, and this policy, with all employees, reviewing periodically to confirm suitability with the strategic direction of the business.

This policy statement will be reviewed and approved at board level every 12 months.

Steve Sexton
Group Managing Director