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Making gaming equipment accessible for everyone

As a team of IT specialists with a lot of technical expertise, it is no surprise that there are several gaming enthusiasts amongst us. Many of our staff enjoy playing games and watching professional streamers in their spare time.

Alongside our core offering of servers, storage and networking equipment, laptops, and desktops, our in-house server team also works on gaming configurations and rigs. We have over 15 years of experience carrying out every configuration, order, or upgrade to meet our clients’ specific requirements.


Cut the price, and get the same quality performance

The latest gaming rigs are expensive, and most people have to save up money for a long time in order to afford them. However, there is a cost-effective solution.
Quality refurbished gaming rigs provide the same performance as new, without breaking the bank. An extensive warranty is also included for ultimate reassurance.

New vs Refurb: Nvidia RTX 2080 GPUs


The same performance as new

The benchmarking software, 3D Mark tested brand new versus refurbished Nvidia RTX 2080 GPUs. The scores revealed that the refurbished scored higher than a new GPU. This will be due to Driver updates enhancing the GPUs performance via software updates.

The scores demonstrate that refurbished components do not degrade over time, and that they run as well as new if not better than their original release date.

Contributing to a circular economy

Traditionally, there have been many misconceptions about refurbished IT and gaming equipment which have prevented people from trusting refurb. This has meant that gamers, businesses and public sector organizations have been missing out on reliable and cost-effective solutions for decades.

We are passionate about keeping quality technology in circulation and reducing e-waste wherever possible.  Raising awareness about the benefits of refurbished is therefore an important part of our day jobs, as well as actively searching for circular solutions.

Industry-leading research

Our research with the University of East London, recently published into the IEEE Journal for Transactions on Sustainable Computing, proved for the first time ever that the performance of refurbished is the same as new, and in some cases can outperform the latest generation. This was a ground-breaking piece of research that we hope will change the way people think about refurbished. You can read more about these findings and what they mean here.

See a gaming rig build in action

Why refurb?

Same performance as new

With refurbished GPUs scoring higher than new, thanks to software updates

Maximize your budget

With impressive cost savings when choosing refurbished rigs and components

Three year warranty

Which matches that offered for brand new equipment

Same reliability as new

To support all your gaming and video streaming needs

The sustainable choice

Stop useful technology going to landfill, and contribute to the circular economy

Compatible with existing IT

Whether you choose new, third party or refurbished rigs and components