Professional Data Centre Decommissioning Service


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Techbuyer Data ErasureWe Decommission a Full Range of IT Equipment

With over a decade of experience in decommissioning data centre equipment, we have developed a professional and efficient process. We ensure that all decommissioned IT parts are correctly recorded and tracked, 100% of data is erased using Blancco and White Canyon software and equipment is recycled in an environmentally responsible way, where necessary. To offset the cost of decommissioning your equipment, we provide the best prices in exchange for your used parts.

Seamless IT Equipment Decommissioning Process:

  1. We decommission and de-install IT equipment
  2. We provide an asset list detailing the full inventory of decommissioned parts
  3. We pack decommissioned equipment in our bespoke packaging
  4. We provide safe and secure onsite and offsite data destruction
  5. We transport the equipment to our facilities for sorting
  6. We pay you for your used IT equipment, offering the best prices
  7. We provide environmentally responsible recycling where necessary