Why use Techbuyers Network Switch Selector?

Techbuyer’s Ultimate Guide to Networking Devices 

Looking to learn more about networking and what it can do for you? 

Techbuyer has put together a complete guide on the standard features you will see when establishing your computer network to help you make an informed decision. This guide covers a range of important topics, including switch speed, networking ports and cables, the OSI and TCP/IP referencing model, as well as the basics of what exactly a switch is and what they do. Access this guide here or head to our blog to read our full series. This series is designed to offer all the information you need to know to make an informed decision on your next networking device, putting the power into your hands.  

Your Secret Weapon in Choosing the Right Technology for You- Techbuyer's Network Switch Selector. 

Already know your PoE from your PoE+ but tired of trying to make complicated and time-consuming decisions when it comes to your computer network? Purchasing networking equipment can feel like a headache for any business, and we’re sure it has caused more than a grey hair or two over the years for IT directors globally. Finding a device that is not only compatible with your current IT infrastructure but also matches your present and future business goals, can be as frustrating as finding that infamous needle in a haystack. 

Techbuyer has developed a unique service to help. 

Our network switch selector is a free-to-use tool designed with the sole purpose of making your next networking purchase quick and easy. 

Launched in 2021, this tool takes the hassle out of choosing your network switch by narrowing down our extensive range of switches to a selection of devices that meet your exact requirements. The Networking Switch Selector takes the time, stress and uncertainty out of identifying your next switch.  

Here we have demonstrated exactly what this tool is and how it works. In this article, we will explore everything that this Techbuyer service has to offer and how it can help when purchasing your networking technology.  

Save Time and Effort 

Choosing your IT hardware can be a time-consuming task. With so many options on the market, covering hundreds of different brands, this decision could be costing you hours at a time. Our networking switch selector gives you those hours back whilst helping you to choose the perfect device for your IT system.  

Simply input the features you need, and our switch selector will do the rest. The tool will highlight the devices that meet your IT requirements, meaning that every switch displayed will work for you and your computer network. This, in short, saves you from spending hours scouring the specification tables of endless devices searching for what you need!  

If you're looking for a 10Gbe, layer 2 networking switch with SFP+, our switch selector will only display devices with these features; this makes finding what you need a much quicker and simpler task!  

Save Money  

When making an IT purchase, it can be easy to buy more than is needed by simply settling for a device that has excess features. Similarly, confusion can lead to overspending and may result in you not getting everything you want or need.  

Our network switch selector ensures that you get exactly what you ask for, for the right price! Nobody knows your business, or your computer needs better than yourself, and so our switch selector puts you in charge. By choosing what you need from your networking device, be it the speed, layer, specific ports and more, you can now sift through the wide variety of available switches to find the technology that works perfectly for you. This means that you are not paying more than you need and maximizing your IT budget in the process.  

Buy With Confidence  

Purchasing technology is often a complicated and daunting task. Due to the massive array of features, capabilities and compatibility within networking, it can be difficult to know which device to choose and if the technology has everything you want. Our network switch selector takes the confusion out of browsing for your next device by offering simple and easy to understand definitions of each feature (you can access this by simply hovering over the question mark symbols). If you need any further information on the capabilities of a switch to help inform your decision, contact our team.

Once you have selected exactly what you want from your network switch, the tool will only show devices that meet your requirements. This means that your decision becomes a matter of personal choice rather than a search for a switch that meets your needs. Our switch selector helps you to buy with confidence! 

Extensive Networking Range  

We currently stock over 200 variations of switches in our UK facilities, meaning that we have something for every computer network! This stock is fully available to you and your business when and as you need it. Our complete range, paired with our switch selector, means that your ideal networking device is only a few, straight-forward clicks away.  

Our entire range of networking technology can be narrowed down to simply a few devices or even a singular switch. The choice and power are yours to create your perfect computer network, built with devices, components and networks that work in unison for your company. Find out more and try this feature here.

Techbuyer’s Network Switch Selector  

Techbuyer is a global supplier of sustainable IT solutions. With over 15 years of experience and a unique range of features and services, our team is capable of offering expert and personalized recommendations to provide exactly what you need. For further information and advice on network switches and what your business needs, get in touch with our experienced team. 

Now that you are armed with all the information you need on our network switch selector and how it can help you establish or expand your computer network, head to our network switch selector to try it for yourself and discover your ideal networking device!