Why perform component level upgrades?

Is your laptop, PC or server slowing down with age? These devices may not be ready to head to the tech graveyard quite yet!  

Component upgrades are a fantastic and easy way to enhance the performance of your existing technology, whilst also being more sustainable and even saving you some money along the way! With e-waste piling up in our landfill sites and oceans, it is becoming increasingly important to look for ways to create a more circular IT economy. Expanding the lifespan of our technology through performance upgrades is a practical way to achieve this goal.  

Upgrading the RAM, CPU, or storage within your laptop, PC, or server, doesn't have to be difficult. 

We’ve got the tools and training to perform these upgrades, so you don’t have to! Techbuyer’s component level upgrade service can boost the performance of your technology, as well as add years on to the lifespan of your computer or server.  

What are Component Upgrades?  

Components are the different modules in your technology that come together to make your laptop, PC, or server work. Modules, such as the CPU, RAM, and SSD or HDD are the elements behind your device’s functionality and performance; the more powerful the components, the more powerful the device that you are using.  

Upgrading these modules is the process of removing your existing computer parts and replacing them with newer or more powerful units to boost the performance of your device and make your technology last longer.  

The process is simple enough, but many people neglect to perform component upgrades or even consider this opportunity! We are here to demonstrate why you should.   

How to Improve Laptop and PC speed and performance 

We all know that technology can slow down as it ages. However, by taking good care of your devices and performing the correct component upgrades, you can minimize this problem. The main benefit to implementing upgrades to any device, is the enhanced performance you experience.  

Whether you upgrade your RAM, CPU, HDD, or SSD, the result will be increased speed and the improved productivity of your device. In fact, with upgraded components, it is possible to not only retain but even improve upon, the original performance from new. Furthermore, by implementing regular component upgrades as part of a plan to extend the life of your equipment, you will eliminate the decreasing performance of your IT hardware over time.  

Make your technology last longer 

Most laptops, PCs and servers are disposed of only halfway through their potential lifespan! This is due to the slowing down of performance and decreased efficiency. However, as we have demonstrated above, this doesn’t have to be the case if care is taken, and component upgrades are carried out. Another key benefit of bolstering the performance of your IT hardware is that your technology will last longer. 

By performing component level upgrades, your PC, laptop, or server can last you up to 8-10 years and perform as well as, if not better than new. This saves you the money and hassle of buying a new device and configuring it to your requirements, as well as transferring files and installing expensive software!  

Prevent valuable technology from ending up in landfill  

The climate change crisis is drawing people's attention to what they can do, on a personal level, to be more eco-friendly. Many consumers and businesses are wondering how to be more sustainable with their technology.  

E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world, with over 57 million tonnes produced in 2021 alone (that’s more than the Great Wall of China!) Making your IT equipment last longer is a practical way of preventing valuable, and useable IT equipment from ending up in landfill before its time. By taking the decision to implement component level upgrades you will prevent your device from ending up in the growing tide of used hardware and extend the lifespan of your technology.  

Did you know that performing component upgrades is a pragmatic way to reduce your carbon footprint? 85% of a laptop's carbon footprint is produced in the manufacturing process; by expanding the lifespan of the technology you currently have, rather than purchasing a new device, you are drastically reducing the potential carbon footprint that your technology will produce.  

Many individuals buy the most powerful device that fits their budget. With component upgrades, you are able to achieve a much more powerful device, even years after the purchase was made. This means that you may find that you can afford to create a more powerful device through component upgrades than would be achievable for your budget when buying new technology!  

Not only can you keep the same device, but your ageing tech could potentially be faster and more powerful than the new technology you were be considering buying, saving you time, money and a lot of stress along the way! 

Save money on your technology  

Let's talk money! We have spoken briefly about the financial benefits of component upgrades throughout this article, but how much could a component upgrade be saving you? Component upgrades are a fantastic way to maximize your IT budget, costing a fraction of the price of an entirely new device! 

By extending the lifespan of your technology through modular replacements, you can save the money you would have spent on new IT hardware, as well as the software required to make this functional.  

This process will result in a drastic saving, as well as a lack of hassle in the transferring of files and data between devices. On a large scale, this can become a time consuming and expensive task that could be unnecessary.  

At some point, however, your technology will come to the end of its life. Instead of sending your technology to landfill, Techbuyer offers sustainable and responsible disposal of IT assets to ensure that your technology meets an eco-friendly end. Find out more here. 

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