Who Recycles Corporate Computers?

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Responsibly disposing of your corporate IT hardware is important for both the sustainability and security of your business. Data sanitization is a must for all businesses when it comes to disposing of technology for the protection of your business and customer information. Failure to comply can result in extensive fines, legal repercussions and negative PR!

It is also important to be responsible with your used technology to prevent valuable equipment and resources ending up in landfill. With 53.6 million tons of e-waste produced in 2020, your company can make a difference by sustainably disposing of your corporate computers.

Recycling your corporate computer equipment, whilst also protecting your sensitive data is most easily achieved by using an ITAD company to decommission your hardware. Security and sustainability are the main goals of all reputable ITAD companies. They will work closely with you to maximize data security and help your business become more sustainable when disposing of your used or excess technology.  

What is an ITAD Company?

An ITAD company handles the disposal and recycling of corporate computers and other IT hardware, both on an individual scale, as well as in bulk. ITAD companies work with businesses to data erase all data-bearing devices they receive to ensure that all sensitive information is completely removed from the hardware; this prevents the risk of data leakages that can result in large fines, cause negative PR and even legal problems for organizations.

There is a range of ITAD companies available to you, however, choosing a company with the right accreditations and secure processes is vital for the protection of your business's information. Here's what to look out for when choosing whom to recycle your computers with:

  • The ADISA accreditation: This certification means that the company has gone through rigorous assessments and must follow strict guidelines to ensure the security of their client's, as well as their own, information. ADISA is one of the most trusted accreditations in the industry and so if a business has achieved it, they have proven their ability to securely handle and sanitize data.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: An ITAD company should understand that each company's case is unique and so must be treated as such. A good ITAD team will be transparent about the data sanitization process as well as the cost or potential quote for the equipment you are decommissioning. Without this transparency and accountability, ITAD companies cannot guarantee full peace of mind of their clients. Always aim for an ITAD team that is open and honest about the entire process.
  • Data Security Practices: A good ITAD company will have your data security as their prime concern as well as an extensive process for data security. Try to ask questions when choosing an ITAD team about how your data will be protected. Some good questions to ask could be:
  • How are they going to transport your IT assets? Can they offer you secure transportation if you need it?
  • Who is going to collect your IT assets? Are they security vetted? Do they work for the company or are they external contractors?
  • Do they asset tag your devices on arrival? Do they keep an accurate account of the IT assets that come in? Are they transparent and do they keep you updated along the way?
  • What data erasure software do they use? Is it widely recognized? Can it guarantee full data erasure?
  • Sustainability promise or accreditations: Decommissioning your IT hardware is also extremely important in terms of sustainability and preventing hardware from ending up in landfill. The company you choose for IT asset disposition should have a strong sustainability message and ideally be registered for sustainability accreditations, such as R2 Responsible Recycling which promotes a company's ethical recycling of IT equipment. Make sure the company you choose supports this message to prevent your hardware from adding to the rising tide of e-waste in landfill sites.

Techbuyer's ITAD Services

Techbuyer's ITAD services are a great way for companies to responsibly dispose of used or excess IT equipment and protect the sensitive data held on your hardware. Our ITAD services are fully accredited by ADISA and our zero-to-landfill policy means that the equipment you decommission will be refurbished or recycled to help extend device lifespan and prevent valuable equipment from ending up in landfill.

Find out more about Techbuyer's ITAD services here.

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