The Benefits of Remanufacturing - Intelligent Data Centers

The remanufacturing industry is rising in popularity. From performance as good as new to exclusive access to products, there are numerous benefits to choosing the alternative to new.

The Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC) is helping to change perceptions of remanufactured devices, push for tighter industry standards, and raise awareness of the many benefits of this industry. Techbuyer caught up with the Business Manager, Michelle Hayes to find out more. Read the full article here.

Article summary:

  • “One of the biggest challenges the remanufacturing industry faces is a lack of awareness,” said Michelle Hayes, Business Manager at the RIC. “People simply don’t know the option is there, or if they do, they’re not sure about the quality. Something we always emphasize at the RIC is that these are quality products which are generated securely and provide excellent performance.”
  • As well as benefitting the consumer, the remanufacturing industry reduces the environmental impact of new. For instance, reusing the materials you already have reduces the embodied carbon cost of IT equipment.
  • "Another thing that people don’t realise is that when you choose remanufactured, you can access products and prices that you can’t get otherwise". This means that consumers can extend the life cycle of their existing technology, even if it is not available through the OEM.

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