Techbuyer's HPE Server CTO Tool

Not impressed with your server solution? Don’t settle for a generic, retail IT hardware configuration!

We launched our Configure To Order (CTO) tool earlier this year to help you create a custom server solution quickly and easily that is uniquely designed to your needs! Our CTO tool ensures that you can purchase with confidence and that you end up with a device that is powerful enough for your business requirements, yet not wasting your money or energy by overperforming.

What is Server Configuration?

Server Configuration is the build of your device in terms of the components it contains and the specs it has as a result. A server configuration service reconfigures a device from a standard build to a collection of components that are better suited to your business needs.

This could take the form of expanding the RAM capacity or decreasing the processing power, with the aim of producing a server that is an ideal match for you and your business whilst also resulting in the most cost-effective solution.

How does it work?

You start with the CTO tool by selecting the server you had in mind, for example, the HPE DL380 Gen 10. The tool will then ask you to submit some details for our team of specialists to contact if there is a problem.

Our tool will then walk you through each area of the server and allow you to select the component or components that match your requirements, e.g. a 3GHz Intel Xeon-P 8158 CPU and 6x HPE 8GB DDR4 RAM!

As you add components to your server, the price will increase accordingly and give you an accurate quote on the price of your configured server at the end. Only components that are compatible with your chosen server will be shown, allowing you to experiment with different builds and create a server that matches both your needs and budget!

By the end of the process, you will have a perfectly designed device and a quote to match! This quote can be exported as a PDF or reviewed and submitted. If submitted our team will get in touch to ensure that this device will work for you and move your purchase forward.

If you decide to purchase our technicians will get to work building your server solution!

Why use Techbuyer's CTO Tool?

Many of our customers use a range of generic servers in their data center, bought directly from a manufacturer or re-seller. There is nothing wrong with this approach and you will receive quality equipment either way you go. However, our CTO tool offers a new level of personalization to your IT system, enabling you to uniquely design your entire technology solution to your business requirements and preferences.

This personalization takes the form of component upgrades, module installation, and compatibility checks with existing equipment to name but a few! The purpose of this process is to design a server that is efficient for your business, that doesn't waste energy or carbon, yet also gives you exactly what you need in an IT system.

Using Techbuyer's CTO tool is the quickest and easiest way to find the server that you need! There is no need to search through specs tables and server models for the best solution for you, simply pick the server you have in mind and fill out the component requirements you need by following our easy assembly process! This tool lets you choose the power and specifications of each individual component and updates the price of your server as you work your way through!

The tool helps you purchase with confidence as every component listed will be compatible with the server you have chosen, saving you time searching through hundreds of incompatible components and money on equipment you can't use!

By designing your server, you end up with a device that cannot be purchased from a manufacturer or reseller as it is built to your requirements and orders! Your server is solely built to work for you and the applications run by your business, making it a much more efficient and personalized IT option.

Find out more and try this tool for yourself here.