In The Press: Tackling E-waste one Sustainable IT Solution at a Time

Techbuyer's "Green is the New Black" campaign has been featured in key local and industry publications for drawing attention to the negative effects of Black Friday on the environment and our planet.  

COP26 drew the world's attention to Glasgow earlier this month to address concerns around the climate crisis and come to an agreed-upon action plan to fight the planet's rising temperatures. This event got many people thinking about the impact that they could have and where they could make changes for the good of the planet.  

Techbuyer launched a "Green is the New Black" campaign in November to change mindsets and habits around the purchasing and disposal of goods, particularly technology. The changing of these habits will help reduce the impact of technology production on CO2 levels, as well as reduce the extent of e-waste ending up in landfill, leading to greater health, environmental and community improvements.  

This campaign, which focuses heavily on Black Friday sales, has been featured by the Data Centre Alliance Global (DCA Global). DCA Global is a not-for-profit trade association that focuses on industry-leading news and updates; it is the largest independent trade association of its kind. 

Key Points:  

  • 53 million tonnes of technology is expected to be purchased between Black Friday and New Year, with current recycling trends, only 9 million tonnes of this will be properly disposed of when it comes to the end of life. That means that 44 million tonnes of future e-waste will be purchased in this period.  
  • Many people don't know how to ethically dispose of their technology and so we see the quantity of e-waste being produced drastically increase year on year.  
  • By changing our buying habits to consider refurbished technology, we are able to reduce the demand for critical raw materials and the manufacturing of products, helping to create a more eco-friendly technology industry.  
  • Recycling, refurbishing, reusing, repairing and selling your used or excess IT equipment prevents valuable technology and materials from ending up as e-waste in landfill. Find out more about how you can do this here.  

Read the full article on Techbuyer on either the DCA Global's website.

Techbuyer's Sustainable IT Solutions 

Techbuyer is a global supplier of sustainable IT solutions. By offering refurbished technology, IT lifespan extension services and ethical hardware disposal options, we are helping to improve the impact that the technology and data center industries have upon our environment.  

Whether you are looking to purchase, repair, refurbish or dispose of technology, we have a fantastic range of sustainable IT solutions to help you make an environmentally responsible choice.