What is IT Life Cycle Thinking?

When most of us think about how we consume technology, it can only be described as linear: IT hardware is created, bought, used and disposed of. And this isn’t just in consumer tech, this habit of take-make-waste is seen globally across sectors, industries, governments and companies of all sizes. 

But this model is financially inefficient and wasteful in a business environment, and potentially hindering your productivity capabilities.  

We believe that IT hardware does not need to travel down a straight road towards obsolescence and, in fact, with the choices available, this current practice is counter-productive to your business development.  

In contrast, approaching IT through life cycle thinking expands the choices available to us and provides freedom for technology purchasing, use and disposal. IT life cycle thinking is designed to ensure that you get the best possible value, usage and performance from your IT hardware without compromising on performance, reliability or efficiency. 

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The Problem with Current IT Habits 

The take-make-waste practices we currently see in the IT industry offer only a limited view of the opportunities available to help you get the most value out of your technology.  

Because of this, companies and individuals are missing out on the potential of their technology across all metrics – financially and environmentally, as well as in terms of performance.  

In contrast, life cycle thinking expands the choices available to us: it offers IT freedom for the decision-making progress, no matter what stage of IT journey you find yourself in.  

A core practice of life cycle thinking is to use what we have for as long as possible without compromising on performance. This enables us to unlock the full potential of a device, component, or full IT system and generate better habits with technology.

Extending the Lifespan and Maintaining Performance

IT life cycle thinking explores the best options for getting the most out of your technology and retaining the underlying value of hardware. Through component level upgrades you can extend the lifespan of your devices while accelerating the overall performance of your IT hardware.  

This practice adds years onto the expected life cycle of your technology, ultimately saving your company money by widening the necessary time between refreshes. By looking at the components within a device and making the necessary upgrades to boost performance, the actual lifespan of your device increases, and productivity is boosted.  

This takes your technology off the road to obsolescence and looks to unlock the potential of the hardware you use.  

Find out more about component level upgrades and the value of this service here.

Increasing Value for Your Technology 

It is common practice in many businesses to write off the value of used resources after a certain period of time, fundamentally making these assets worthless. At Techbuyer we believe in the value of technology at all stages of life and use. 

That is why we offer component level upgrades designed to enhance performance, increase value, and accelerate productivity. 

Just because a device has been with your company for some time does not mean that it is worthless. In fact, with the correct component level upgrades, value and performance can not only be maintained, but also increased. 

Reducing Environmental Impact of IT Hardware

With environmental pressures mounting and companies turning towards sustainable best practices to lessen their impact, IT life cycle thinking is quickly becoming an essential approach to the use of technology.  

Because life cycle thinking focuses on product lifespan extension processes and maximizing the value of what we have, it offers a more sustainable approach to IT hardware, aiding your ESG goals and reducing the overall impact of your business on the environment.  

Techbuyer’s component level upgrade service and IT repairs are key examples of this in practice; by upgrading components within a device and repairing where possible, you’re able to boost performance, achieving the same, or even greater, performance of new hardware.  

From an environmental perspective this is game changing! By extending the lifespan of the technology we currently use through this service we can prevent usable and valuable technology from ending up in landfill prematurely. With e-waste numbers growing drastically each year causing negative effects on our environment, it is essential to divert as much technological waste as possible.  

Similarly, by keeping our devices in use for as long as possible, without compromising on performance, we can decrease the quantity of devices needing to be manufactured, reducing the carbon footprint of the IT industry.  

With manufacturing accounting for up to 85% of a laptop or computer’s entire carbon footprint, the impact of maximizing use is exponential. The longer we use and maintain what we have, the better off our planet will be. 

Therefore, IT life cycle thinking not only benefits your business, but it improves your company’s environmental impact. Find out more about the benefits of sustainable practices for your organization here.  

Heightening Performance Through Life Cycle Services

It is common belief in the technology sector that the older a device is, the less efficient and powerful it becomes. But what if we could prove that this is no longer true?  

Techbuyer undertook industry leading research in 2019 with the University of East London examining server performance. This research proved that, with the slowdown of Moore’s law, older generations of servers could match, and even outperform the newest generations with the right configuration, across all metrics.  

However, the important takeaway here is that configuration is key. By upgrading components, your current technology could potentially outperform the new devices you would have traditionally replaced them with.  

Therefore, by approaching your IT hardware with a life cycle mindset, by considering refurbished where possible, using quality systems and maintaining these systems with component level upgrades and IT repairs, you can keep your IT hardware running for longer without compromising on performance, efficiency or reliability.  

The practice of maintaining and upgrading your technology is essential for high-quality IT performance and longevity. Find out more about achieving this in our research paper here.  

Renew Your IT Performance with High Quality Hardware Solutions 

IT life cycle thinking is centered around the idea of giving you the very best from your technology by ensuring that you can explore every possible option.  

We deliver IT life cycle thinking because we believe in choice; we ensure that our customers have the freedom of choice to design, create, maintain and handle IT equipment as suits their unique needs and priorities.  

Our hardware solutions are an integral part of this belief and the services we offer. Each solution is tailored to your individual needs to create a custom solution designed to maximize your IT potential.  

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