Bringing You the Latest in NMVe Technology with KIOXIA and Ortial


We’ve previously written all about NVMe in our blog post here.

It’s clear that data centres are increasingly adopting NVMe SSDs. When compared to SATA and SAS, NVMe SSDs are projected to represent majority use across data centres worldwide. Enterprise and data centre adoption of NVMe is expected to grow 91% by the end of 2023 (source).  

Our priority is to ensure that our global customer base has access to the best products. Our valuable relationship with Ortial Technologies enables us to provide high-performing and cost-effective products matched to your business requirements, including the latest NVMes.  

Ortial Technologies 

Ortial is our sister company, and it is a leading vendor of memory, storage and networking components. Ortial specialises in server, desktop and notebook memory, SSDs (including NVMe) and SFP transceiver modules and compatible cables. Compared to traditional brands, Ortial has a fully compatible product range that offers significant cost savings. Its range of high quality, brand alternative solutions enables greater performance for significantly reduced levels of investment and, in addition, Ortial products come with a full global warranty.  

Ortial’s globally supported NVMe SSDs are 100% compatible with the leading brands of desktops, laptops, and servers. Products undergo a rigorous quality testing process, carried out by experienced engineers, which ensures optimal reliability and performance at all times. With UK-based stock meaning quick delivery, consider Ortial for your next NVMe purchase 

Ortial began their gold partnership with KIOXIA, formerly Toshiba Memory, in 2021.  


KIOXIA is a major global supplier of SSDs, memory products, and software solutions. According to Statista, KIOXIA is the second-largest manufacturer of NAND flash memory in the world, commanding 18.3% of this market. With customers from a diverse range of growing markets such as mobile, edge, cloud, data centre and automotive, KIOXIA’s mission is to “uplift the world with memory”. 

Recently applauded for its invention of NAND flash memory in 1987, over the past three decades, Kioxia has been at the forefront of industry-leading research and development, including 3D flash memory and other patented technologies related to memory storage. 

KIOXIA is working to cultivate a new era of memory with its innovative memory technology, whilst continuously innovating its product offering. Ortial’s gold partnership with KIOXIA has allowed Ortial to add a range of market-leading data centre and enterprise SSDs to its product portfolio.  

With demand now soaring for SSD (including NVMe) and RAM component upgrades, this key partnership with KIOXIA has helped Ortial to deliver innovative, quality components to a growing customer base. It will be exciting to watch this partnership go from strength to strength!  


Techbuyer is Ortial’s number one distributor and over the past couple of years we have developed a strong partnership with the company. We stock the complete Ortial data centre range, providing high-quality and efficient SSD components for your server estates. Plus, all Ortial internal SSDs come with a five-year warranty for complete peace of mind. 

Through our relationship with Ortial, Techbuyer is an affiliated KIOXIA Gold Partner, which means we can offer our customers enterprise-class solid-state drives. There truly is life after SATA, and through our key partnerships with Ortial and KIOXIA who are building the future of SSD technology, you can rest assured that Techbuyer has your IT needs covered!  

“Solid state drives continue replacing hard drives in servers at a steady pace. IT managers now demand higher performance, larger capacities, improved reliability, and need more advanced storage technologies to address today’s abundance of data. Faced with the fundamental decision of choosing the right SSD for varying server workloads, IT managers need to understand the pros and cons of the SSD interfaces available” 

  • Alvaro Toledo, KIOXIA