How to Remove a CPU from a Dell Server
Removing equipment from a server is just as important as inserting correctly as you don't want to damage any of the sensitive equipment within. Removing the CPU is a delicate job and so we have made this guide to help you through the process.
In this video, we will demonstrate how to remove your Dell CPU from your server safely and without damaging any of your equipment. It can be a delicate process but simple enough with a bit of practice. We will be using the Dell PER620 as an example but you can apply this method to most Dell servers.

CPU Removal from Dell Server:

    • Before starting, make sure that you power down the server to protect both yourself and the equipment.
    • Remove the heatsink by loosening the screws and lifting it out of the unit.
    • You now need to open each of the processor locking levers in the indicated order and open the bracket containing the processor.
    • Remove the CPU from the processor socket, taking care not to damage the CPU.
    • Finish by closing the processor bracket and lock the levers into place. If you are replacing your processor with another one, watch our video on installing a CPU to your dell server here.

For any more guidance or advice on your CPU or any other server component, feel free to get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help.
If you are looking to install a CPU into your server once the removal process is completed, watch our video on installing a CPU into your Dell server here. 

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