How to insert RAM into a HPE Server
Inserting memory into your server is essential for enhancing your IT hardware performance; whether you are adding additional memory modules, upgrading dated equipment, or replacing broken units, inserting RAM into your server is a great thing to know.
We will be walking you through inserting memory modules into your HPE server in this video, using a HPE DL380 G9 as an example. This process can be repeated across most HPE servers. Follow the steps below or watch our demonstration video.

RAM Memory Insert:

    • Power down before you start with anything else to protect both yourself and the equipment.
    • Open up the clips on either side of the memory slot.
    • Align the small notch on the memory module with the notch on the memory slot.
    • Gently push the memory into place with the memory slot until both clips close, securing the memory in place.

Follow this process and your memory will be fully installed and ready to use when your server powers back up. If you are replacing old memory and need to remove your previous modules before installing, have a look at our memory removal video here.

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