Cisco Blade Server Bundles

Cisco blade server technology provides powerful IT performance in a compact, high-density build, to maximize the output of your server estate and enhance the productivity of your systems.

Our industry-expert technicians have developed two Cisco blade server configurations, designed to optimize your IT potential and aid you in actualizing your technology goals.

Both bundles feature the Cisco UCS B200 M5 blade server to deliver efficiency, performance, and flexibility within your data center. The UCS B200 M5 from Cisco is a half-width blade server solution that supports virtual and physical workloads in a high-density build. This server chassis is compatible with the UCS 5108 Server Estate for wireless connection and effective hardware monitoring.  

Cisco Blade Server Configuration for Small-Medium Businesses

The first of our two server configurations is designed to support the IT systems of SMBs to advance IT systems and allow for growth alongside your business development. Offering scalability and a flexible configuration, this bundle delivers optimal performance, alongside efficient space and server management for growing companies.

Offering 128GB of PC4-21300V 1Rx4 Server Memory, as well as 1.2TB storage capacity through 2x 10K SAS HDDs, this server configuration is an ideal solution for data-intensive workloads, including databasing, virtualization, or machine learning technology.

This server solution is supported by two Cisco UCS B200 M5 heatsinks and an Intel Xeon Silver 4114 processor to provide an effective device for the requirements of SMBs.  

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Cisco Blade Server Configuration for Large Organisations 

Our second configuration is designed to aid the actualization of IT goals for large organizations. With greater compute power within the same compact, high-density server build, this server solution provides accelerated performance for larger organizations.

Featuring an Intel Xeon Gold 6132 processor, 1.2TB of storage capacity through 2x 10K SAS HDDs, this server solution delivers high-performance IT capabilities within a compact half-height form factor. The 14 Core 2.6GHz Intel processor can support demanding workloads efficiently. The compute power is maintained and managed by high-quality components, including 2x Cisco B200 M5 heatsinks to disseminate heat throughout the system and provide effective cooling.

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Browse the Cisco UCS 5108 Blade Enclosure to house your server solutions here.

Server Configuration with Techbuyer 

Looking for a specialized solution to support your IT needs? Techbuyer’s experts can help by configuring your optimal server solution to meet your business needs. With over 225,000 products in stock and over a decade of experience in the IT industry, Techbuyer provides high-quality server builds to match your company’s needs both now and in the future. Our configurations allow you to design your bespoke solution that will support your organization for years to come.

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