Chickens, Eggs, and the Circular Economy: DCM Magazine

Techbuyer's Sustainability lead, Astrid Wynne has been featured in this quarter's DCM (Data Centre Management) magazine for her piece, "Chickens, Eggs, And The Circular Economy." Astrid's article focuses on the circular economy of nature's resource systems, namely, chickens and eggs, and draws on how we can bring these principles into our thinking where resources and waste are concerned.

DCM magazine is a quarterly print title that informs IT and corporate managers on changes and developments within the data center industry, featuring articles on data center management, strategy, and, in this case, improving the sustainability of data centers around the world.


Key Messages

  • Circular economy, defined as a system that is regenerative by design,' looks at ways in which we can change our processes and waste to form new transformative procedures for economic and environmental growth. Astrid draws on ground-breaking research from the CEDaCi project to demonstrate the need for the data center industry to turn to a more sustainable way of thinking in terms of resources, waste, and circular economy.
  • Servers contain around one-third of, what the EU has identified as, the 30 critical raw materials that are in low or politically unstable supply. With this in mind, we must change our processes and mindset surrounding servers and where we source them.
  • We need to stop thinking about input and output, instead focusing on transformative procedures that will work to improve the sustainability of the industry.
  • Astrid highlights the value of collecting, refurbishing, and recycling materials for extended use, aiding in the creation of a circular economy.


Read the full DCM magazine article here.

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