Stuck in the Elevator with… Anthony Reihl, Sales Executive

After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Anthony joined Techbuyer as a Sales Executive at our Rochester, Minnesota office. With a passion for sport, Anthony’s had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Hart and Justin Timberlake whilst working at the Superbowl. Read on to find out more about Anthony…

Where did you grow up? I was born and raised in small-town Mantorville, Minnesota.

What's your first memory? When I was 5 years old at one of my older siblings’ birthdays, I went around trying to steal my uncles or Dad’s beer saying; “my pop”. By the time they realized, I had gotten a few sips in and thought I was one of the guys. They took it back and apparently, I was quite mad and swore for my first time.

What did you want to be when growing up? I was all over the place growing up. I went from wanting to be the next Steve Irwin, to a music producer, to ending on global business (mainly in sports).

How long have you been at Techbuyer? I am just completing my first year here at Techbuyer and it has flown by.

What is your favourite memory at Techbuyer? My favorite memory so far would have to be visiting the UK office in the Spring for training. I got to visit the UK for my first time and got to meet a bunch of fantastic people at the Harrogate location. Also, I will never forget how proper fish & chips should taste after visiting.

Where did you working previously? While I was in college, I was a waiter and worked retail at a skate/snowboard shop.

If you weren't working in the IT sector, what would you be doing? I would probably be in the sports business sector.

What were your first impressions of Techbuyer?! Everyone wanted to be happy and have fun, but made sure work came first. I also loved how people can competitively push each other while working together to reach our goals.

What is your favourite thing to do out of work? I love playing rugby and football. I still play in men’s leagues for Rugby after playing in college. I also really enjoy going to live music and camping whenever I can.

Tell us something we don't know about you... I am not really sure how to answer this because I always have stories I share, but I would probably go with working the Superbowl (and getting to meet Kevin Hart and Justin Timberlake), the NCAA PAC12 tournaments, and Nebraska’s largest rugby tournament Wayne (which I also won once while in university on our 15’s side).


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