KIOXIA SSD Storage Technology

Accelerate the performance of your IT infrastructure with technology from one of the biggest names in storage solutions. Offering increased efficiency, heightened reliability and bottleneck reduction – KIOXIA SSDs are built with speed and performance in mind.

KIOXIA PM7-R Series 24G SAS Enterprise SSD

KIOXIA, previously Toshiba Memory, are the inventors of flash memory technology; as drivers of innovation, development and progress, KIOXIA storage components deliver unmatched performance, reliability and efficiency whilst also pushing the boundaries on capacity and speed.

The SSD portfolio is built on BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory technology to deliver a fully optimised solution for your IT infrastructure.

Data Centre KIOXIA NVMe SSDs | CD and XD Series

Our accreditations and partnerships with industry-leading brands requires us to uphold the highest level of technical and commercial expertise to support your business and offer peace of mind.

This allows us to formally design, deploy and support complex, mixed solutions within production, disaster recovery and backup environments, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Explore the power and performance of NVMe technology through KIOXIA SSDs – pairing high-capacity server storage with increased performance, with storage sizes ranging from 800GB to 15.3TB.

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CD Series: Offering the speed of PCIe NVMe technology in a 2.5 inch (SFF) form factor – this range delivers a capacity lineup of up to 30.72TB.

XD Series: The XD series accelerates data centre performance through the NVMe PCIe interface for reduced latency and bottlenecks.

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NVMe technology is currently 10x faster than SATA drives

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Prevent bottlenecks from forming within your system

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Increase the data processing capabilities of your hardware

Enterprise KIOXIA SSDs | PM FL and CM Series

KIOXIA Enterprise SSDs deliver accelerated performance and power for an optimised workload – these storage drives are suitable for high-performance Tier 0 computing, and server and storage systems.

With flash memory, a controller and increased reliability, these drives provide high-reliability, data protection and power-loss protection.

Reach heightened storage levels through KIOXIA’s SAS-4 SSDs – offering between 1600GB-30TB of available storage to meet the demands of even the most data intensive workloads.

PM Series: This series of dual-port 24G SAS SSDs deliver accelerated speed in a compact 2.5 inch (SFF) form factor for a fully optimised storage system.

CM Series: The CM series delivers read-intensive 2.5 inch (SFF) drives designed to optimise the workload of enterprise applications and associated workloads.

FL Series: The FL series offers a dual-port PCIe 4.0, NVMe storage solution for accelerated performance, increased power and reduced latency.  

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Efficiency paired with increased storage capacity

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Accelerate data-intensive workloads

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Extensive storage from a single drive to meet demand

Server Configuration with KIOXIA Storage

Looking for a server solution that meets your EXACT requirements – both now and in the future?

We offer bespoke server configuration to create the ideal solution for you. Your server is then built by our technical experts free of charge! We can create you a custom server build that utilises and maximises the performance of KIOXIA server SSDs to accelerate storage performance and expand capacity.

To create your device, let us know what you need from your hardware by contacting our team: