Diverse Academies Learning Partnership, UK

Diverse Academies Learning Partnership, UK

Enterprise-Level performance and scalability for a multi-academy trust.

“5 years ago, we would have spent £10,000 on a single new server… we’ve been able to buy an entire system, which is easily upgradeable, for the same price. It’s all built to be able to grow with us. It’s a good solution and Techbuyer allowed this to happen.” 


- Rob Canavan - IT Manager


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The Diverse Academies are a multi-academy trust consisting of 13 educational institutes in the UK. Supporting over 7,500 pupils and students, the trust continuously seeks to improve education standards and working environments through training, development and infrastructure enhancements. The pupils they support are from varying social economic backgrounds, with some institutes part of disadvantaged communities. When developing practices to benefit each academy, IT improvements play a crucial role and each institute needs to be handled in a way that’s tailored to their unique needs.

The Challenge

The trust was tasked with implementing network and IT improvements to centralise the infrastructure and bring the academies’ technological resources to a high standard. This included finding secure server and storage solutions. They also needed to ensure the children had access appropriate devices and software to meet their educational needs. To be suitable for all learning environments, Diverse Academies needed equipment that was robust, practical and manageable. To maximise the organisation’s hardware budgets, the Trust turned to the secondary market,

Techbuyer's Solution

Techbuyer worked closely with Diverse Academies to provide solutions for their vast and complex requirements, sharing practical and valuable advice in the process. Adhering to the limited budget, Techbuyer provided IT hardware to create a purpose-built blade cluster which is more practical and manageable. The new centralised server facility created a secure, enterprise-level performance that can be easily upgraded to fit expansion needs. Despite the impacts of the pandemic, the solutions Techbuyer provided ensure that the trust's pupils still have access to essential IT resources and have the very best chance in life to progress.

Winning Criteria:

Excellent reliability to meet specific requirements

5-star customer service and practical solutions

High quality products with support options

Ability to expand with organisational needs

Market-leading three year warranty

Impressive cost savings

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