IEMA training

Techbuyer’s Second IEMA Trainer

With 20 years of working in and owning a transport company prior to Techbuyer, one of the things that drew me to join the business was the fact that our team walk the walk when it comes to sustainability and the circular economy,” says Alan Fisher, Techbuyer’s second IEMA practitioner, and now an officially qualified trainer for the Techbuyer accredited IEMA training centre.

Alan obtained his IEMA practitioner status earlier this year after successfully managing a series of environmental projects for our business. This included examining our energy usage and how we could reduce our overall consumption across our entire facility. He is now an official trainer for our sustainability courses – this means he can deliver three of our IEMA courses; Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce, Intro to Net Zero, and Pathways to Net Zero.

Alan has worked to make our business more sustainable, addressing areas of high energy use to improve our environmental impact. He has played a vital part in helping us work towards our Net Zero pledge, reducing consumption throughout the business and exploring where improvements can be made. 

Becoming an IEMA Trainer

Once practitioner status was granted, Alan began his application to become an IEMA trainer alongside his role as our UK Facilities Manager.

"This qualification and the trainer status that has followed it, are allowing me to signpost other businesses to the knowledge we have developed and share the lessons learned along the way. It’s a privilege to be able to reach out to our network and encourage likeminded people to begin/progress their own circular sustainable journey.” - Alan Fisher  

Having two trainers increases the capabilities of our training centre for both internal and external sessions. The IEMA training courses have played an important part in providing sustainability knowledge throughout our business and have enabled us to find new and inventive ways to reduce the environmental impact of our company. 

IEMA Training Sessions

All of his hard work means that Alan is now qualified to host and run sessions through our IEMA accredited training centre, delivering high-quality sustainability courses and helping businesses deepen their understanding of environmental issues.

Currently, we offer sessions on: Sustainability Skills for the Workforce, Pathways to Net Zeo, Introduction to Net Zero and the IEMA Foundation in Environmental Management. These courses are run by one of our IEMA trainers, Alan Fisher and Astrid Wynne and provide an official qualification upon completion of the final assessment. 

Find out more about these training courses or view our upcoming dates on our training centre webpage here.