Techbuyer ITSA Donation

Techbuyer has held a longstanding relationship with not-for-profit charity, the ITSA Digital Trust. Over the past 5 years, we have been able to donate used hardware on a number of occasions, giving technology a new lease of life while helping to improve lives and education for millions of children.

The ITSA Digital Trust

The ITSA Digital Trust has been in operation since 2005, collecting used or redundant computers, refurbishing them, and then sending them to schools in Africa across 4 countries - Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The organisation has been able to provide over 6 million students access to digital learning. They also operate in the UK, having supported over 26,000 UK learners and donating almost 128,000 computers & laptops in the UK alone.

With our focus on refurbished technology and sustainable IT solutions, our business model aligns perfectly with the goals of the ITSA. We first started donating in 2019 and have been able to provide a wide variety of different hardware, such as screens, keyboards, mice, and desktops.

The Importance of Digital Learning

Access to modern technology and the internet may be something that we take for granted, but for many it is a privilege they do not have. We are moving towards an ever more digital future, and making sure children are equipped with the skills needed to navigate it is becoming increasingly important.

Providing access to digital learning resources is not just about the future – the impact can be almost immediate. Access to the internet provides communities with immediate information, such as weather forecasts, agricultural practises and medical advice, giving them the opportunity to immediately improve their livelihoods.

The Circular Economy

E-waste is the fastest growing type of waste on the planet with over 50 million tonnes generated every year. A large amount of this technology is either still in perfect working order and can be put back into use elsewhere, or the valuable materials they hold can be extracted and reused.

 At Techbuyer, we will always first look to refurbish used technology and extend its life. However, this is not always possible. When it comes to redundant technology, our Resource Recovery team steps in. They will strip down the equipment to its bare materials before sending it off to one of our trusted recyclers. We provide a zero-to-landfill policy and work tirelessly to reduce the impact of e-waste on the environment, which has helped us earn our R2v3 certification.

Donations: Making the Right Choice

The time will come for all businesses when they need to refresh their used desktops, laptops, and general hardware. When that time came here at Techbuyer, our E-waste manager Paul identified a fantastic opportunity. These devices were still in working order, but we were unable to return them back into stock. This meant we were once again able to collaborate with our friends at the ITSA Digital Trust

This was a huge donation, weighing in at just over a tonne. It was recently collected from our ITAD facility, officially beginning its journey to Zambia with the ITSA. We are excited to learn more about the impact that our donation will have.

We asked Paul about the importance of donations like this.

"... to me, extending the lifespan of IT equipment through donations isn't just about being sustainable or contributing to circular economy, it’s about helping communities and enabling digital inclusion. I believe everyone should have access to education and helping ITSA enable education in various communities in Africa, we are able to extend the lifespan of surplus equipment whilst contributing to a cause I've always being passionate about."

If you would like to find out more about previous donations we have made to the ITSA Digital Trust Be sure to read our ITSA Case Study, and if you want to learn more about e-waste, be sure to visit our page.