Techbuyer Features in Enel-X WhitePaper 'Why Energy Strategy Is Key To Data Centre Growth.'
As an advocate of the circular economy and sustainable IT solutions, the Techbuyer team were thrilled to contribute to Enel-X's recent whitepaper 'Why energy strategy is key to data centre growth.' Enel-X is a global company that is turning its attention towards accelerating sustainable innovation and promoting environmental development across businesses and cultures.  They are working with key worldwide businesses to help create a more ecofriendly approach to business practices and growth.
We were proud to be asked to be part of this project and promote our company values for efficiency and circular economy. We took part by contributing to sections of the report, namely, 'analysing hardware efficiency' and 'the role of the circular economy.' Hardware efficiency is a necessity to consider when looking at IT solutions, especially for large data centres. Technology makes up a large part of any business's power usage and so efficiency is essential for saving money, as well as helping the environment.  We also spoke in the report on the Circular Economy and the importance of reusing, repairing and recycling equipment in the IT sector. This circular design to technology is an essential step towards achieving climate neutrality for the data centre industry.
Key Points:
  • The circular economy is identified as one of the five pillars of transition towards climate neutrality by 2030. This means that developing a circular economy where data centres are concerned is fundamental to help create a more sustainable industry across the board.
  • Extending product life results in a cut of emissions from the manufacturing, transport, and mining of resources that are needed for the creation of new products.
  • Within the data centre industry, there are fantastic opportunities to reduce operational power and create more efficient hardware for IT systems that will work to save money for the company, as well as reduce emissions.
Access the full article here for further information on the topic of energy in the data centre.