Tech Powerhouse Techbuyer Showcases its People-Centric Approach

From our humble beginnings in a suburban garage in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, in 2005, Techbuyer has grown into a force for sustainable technological good worldwide, from the UK to the US, from Germany and France to Australia and New Zealand. 

Yet what remains central to this growth is our complete commitment to people - our staff, our customers and the wider community - and the planet we all live on, as well as our deep Yorkshire roots. 

This outlook was highlighted in a recent article published in the Harrogate Advertiser, one of the oldest and most respected news groups in the region. 

In the article, a brief history of Techbuyer is outlined alongside what drives the company and its employees regarding sustainable technology and the promotion of a circular approach to the tech industry. And it reveals why working at Techbuyer not only helps the planet, it means staff also have a great time doing so! Read the full article here

Key Points:  As a provider of sustainable IT solutions, we are very aware that the planet cannot retain the traditional take-make-waste model. Techbuyer works to create a circular economy for the IT sector and reduce the negative impacts of technology on our environment.  

However, the technology industry is not the only one taking a turn towards sustainability. Sustainable careers and green skills are becoming increasingly sought after by the public and businesses alike.  

Techbuyer offers the opportunity of putting a sustainable twist on your career in the heart of Yorkshire. Explore sustainable careers and what this could look like for you here

Techbuyer is a global IT company specialising in the buying, selling and refurbishing of data centre and networking equipment all the way down to workstations, laptops and hardware. Techbuyer ensures that more used, excess and redundant IT equipment is turned into high quality hardware and is reused rather than sent to landfill before its end of life.

Find out more about our lifecycle services and what Techbuyer can do for you here.