Techbuyer's Tech Amnesty

Techbuyer has joined forces with Your Harrogate Radio throughout September to create Green Month. The collaboration has highlighted sustainability issues in our region and beyond whilst celebrating a commitment to creating a brighter future for all through access to information, and education on changes every individual can make to contribute to a circular economy. 

Techbuyer is committed to demonstrating how we can all be more sustainable with technology and reduce the impact of our devices on the environment. This partnership had one aim in mind - to create a more sustainable Harrogate and Yorkshire. The initiative has covered a wide range of topics including tips, tricks, advice and recommendations to help improve how we buy, dispose, maintain and use technology to help the environment. From turning your camera off when using zoom, to exploring a career in sustainable technology, Green Month has offered an insightful look into how we can all do a little bit better by the planet to make a big difference.

And there’s more to come. On the 30th of September Techbuyer is inviting members of the public to drop off their used devices, at a Tech Amnesty event. Together we can free those overstuffed garages and drawers from their unwanted tablets, mobile phones, PCS and laptops and get them back into circulation in the form of either refurbished devices or recycled materials.

Currently, over 17% of all e-waste is recycled and the average household in Britain hoards up to 60 used devices, including smartphones, cables, laptops, tablets and maybe even washing machines. Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to give those devices the new lease of life they deserve? Tech is meant for use, not gathering dust in the backs of old cupboards. There are some fantastic options for responsibly disposing of used technology, including sell to us services, ITAD and electronic recycling when reuse is not possible.

Your Harrogate Radio will be co-hosting the event and broadcasting live to bring Green Month to a close. Tune into Your Harrogate Radio 30th September between 10am and 2pm to hear all the action and maybe even learn a few things about sustainable tech that you didn’t know before.  

Head to Your Harrogate’s site to listen in and catch the action here.  

Techbuyer’s Sustainable IT Solutions 

Techbuyer is a provider of sustainable IT solutions founded and based in Harrogate with facilities around the world. We work to reduce the impact of technology and data centres on our planet through sustainable alternatives for the procurement, maintenance and disposal of technology and providing ground-breaking research into technology efficiency. Find out more about Techbuyer’s sustainable IT solutions and what they can do for you on their website.  

Join in with the Tech Amnesty  

To attend Techbuyer’s Tech Amnesty, bring your redundant tech to The Tower, Floor Two, Hornbeam Park Ave, Harrogate HG2 8QT on Friday 30th September between 10am-2pm.