'Sustainability Front And Centre At Data Centre World Virtual'- Techerati
Techbuyer's recent article 'Sustainability front and centre at Data Centre World Virtual' is being featured by Techerati, organisers of the Data Centre World event!
If you missed us at the virtual event, this article is a great read to find out about the key issues raised and spoken about in the opening panel, 'A Big Step Towards Climate Neutrality?' Our Sustainability lead Astrid Wynne was moderator of this panel and appeared at the Data Centre Alliance Panel on low environment impact later that day.
In this article, Astrid covers what was discussed across the panels, including energy efficiency, renewable infrastructure, and resource consumption.
As a refurbishment specialist, we were honoured to be part of the discussions that were taking place at this event around climate neutrality and environmental impact. As sustainable practices within the sector becomes more and more important, finding ecofriendly solutions to IT systems is becoming essential.
Techbuyer is one of the leading suppliers of refurbished IT solutions; our aim is to save valuable IT devices from making their way to landfill by recycling, refurbishing and upgrading technology. We supply businesses all over the world with sustainable, refurbished IT systems.

Key Points:

  • The Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact has been signed by some of the biggest names in the IT world, including IBM and Intel. This pact aims to create a climate neutral data centre sector by 2030.
  • Currently, one of the key ways of thinking to tackle climate issues is to save on critical raw materials by creating circular approaches to IT hardware. This thinking will characteristically develop over time.
  • Core resources in the data centre and networking industry are becoming increasingly hard to source and so recycling and refurbishing IT devices is a necessity in order to ensure these materials don't go to waste.