Why Space Age New Zealand and Techbuyer are a Great Fit

Jaw dropping scenery, healthy living and fantastic food and drink are just a few of the reasons why New Zealand is a popular holiday destination. It is also a fantastic opportunity for a business like Techbuyer. Here are some of the reasons why.

Bolt-hole of Silicon Valley

A love affair with New Zealand seems to be the tech elite’s open secret. The Guardian, New Yorker and Wired magazine have all run features talking about social media founders and their backers, who are buying up land in New Zealand as insurance against the apocalypse. Whether or not you buy into that as a concept, that amount of industry expertise having a stake in the local economy is definitely good for the sector.

2016 was a record year for investment, with a 239% increase in foreign investment and a 12% revenue growth on the previous year[1]. By entering the market on the hardware side with low cost high quality servers, storage and networking equipment, Techbuyer is in a good position to serve the growing market.

Tech is taking off

2018 will see the launch of one of the world’s first affordable space rockets to target commercial satellite customers. Take off will be from New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula, and the equipment was manufactured in Auckland. The company behind it is a wholly owned subsidiary of US company Rocket Lab, but New Zealand also has home-grown talent who are more than holding their own on the world stage.

Xero, a cloud based accounting software used by countless small and medium businesses, will have revenues exceeding $1 billion in the near future and is significant enough to challenge Australia’s “Mind Your Own Business” and America’s “Intuit”, whilst DataTorque is now trusted by governments worldwide to collect tax revenue, and manufacturer Buckley Systems now produces 90% of the globe’s silicon chips.  

Tech angels and investors from overseas see these success stories and have more confidence investing in start-ups in financial services technology, agritech, digital media and healthcare. Recent success stories include Soul Machines, which puts a face on AI, and Nyriad, which uses hyperscale computer processing technology to store, process and analyse incredibly large volumes of data.

Start-ups are great customers for Techbuyer, because we are happy to supply small scale orders tailored to fit. Larger hardware suppliers might be less keen to take on this kind of business because they work at scale, but Techbuyer has always prided itself on fulfilling every need, whatever the size.

Enterprise friendly

New Zealand is going out of its way to show it is open for business. Companies Office registration is very straight-forward, and New Zealand is winning accolade after accolade for ease, stability and transparency. It was ranked first in the world for ease of doing business by the World Bank Group, and “Most transparent country in the world” according to Transparency International 2017. This, combined with its geographical location make it the perfect base for serving our Asia Pacific clients better. Techbuyer will be opening an office in Australia in October 2018 and another in Asia the following year. However, New Zealand is pretty much the perfect place to start.  


[1] The Investor’s Guide to the New Zealand Technology Sector 2017, New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.