The Smart Choice on Data Storage Hardware – DCA

Mick Payne, Group Operations and Purchasing Director at Techbuyer explains how to leverage on existing technology to maximise storage power, availability and resilience in the Data Centre Association Journal. The DCA is a trade association comprising of leaders and experts from across the data centre sector.

Article Summary

  • Data centre managers are faced with the same problems as all IT professionals this new year: how can I get more performance with fewer resources? And how can I insulate my systems against threats, malicious attack or other disasters?
  • A major brand legacy system complete with software would cost around £300,000 for 1pb of storage, which is a relatively large capital outlay. The choice of white label commodity servers could halve that amount to around £150,000.
  • Techbuyer is successful because refurbished product is the smartest solution for data storage needs. More and more public-sector bodies, small, medium and large companies are waking up to this fact and our business is growing as a result.

This article was published in the DCA Journal in 2019 and is currently only available in print. 






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