Server Performance Optimised with Techbuyer and the University of East London’s Ground-Breaking Research – Remanufacturing Industries Council

The fact that remanufactured servers perform as well as new is something we have been writing about for a long time. We have now released findings from our Knowledge Transfer Project (KTP) to the press, which support this. The Remanufacturing Industries Council, who bring businesses and academics together to raise awareness of the benefits of refurb, published the good news which you can see here.


  • The first stage of testing demonstrated that a new and refurbished server, of the same make and model, have identical performance.
  • The second stage of testing demonstrated that previous generations can outperform the latest generation with optimum server configurations, simply by adding more server memory.
  • This means that the traditional messaging, to refresh often and always with the latest generation, is no longer supported.
  • Nour Rteil, KTP Associate and Rich Kenny, Techbuyer Group IT Director also go into detail about how they found these results.


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