Installing a FlexibleLOM into your HPE Server

What is FlexibleLOM? 

FlexibleLOM (LAN-on-motherboard) is a standard for HPE network interface card for HPE blade and rack-mounted servers. FlexibleLOM was introduced in Generation 7 of HPE servers and added greater flexibility for networking. It does not require any additional resources and also does not occupy a regular PCI slot.
In this guide we demonstrate how to insert a FlexibleLOM into a HPE DL380 G9 server, however, this process can be replicated in any HPE server from generation 7 onwards.

Inserting a FlexibleLOM:

  • Before starting, power down the server so as to protect yourself and your equipment from harm.
  • Loosen the screws on the PCI riser and lift to remove.
  • Locate the FlexibleLOM and slide the component into position.
  • Secure the component in place by tightening the screws.
  • Replace the PCI riser by sliding it into place and pushing down. Secure with the screws to complete installation.
The process of installing a FlexibleLOM is simple with practice, however, it can appear daunting at first. Watch our video for a visual demonstration of the process:

For more guidance on the function, installation or compatibility of the FlexibleLOM, or any other server component, get in touch with our experienced team. If you are replacing or upgrading your FlexibleLOM, watch our FlexibleLOM removal process video first here.

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