In the Press: Data, the New Oil, Ignites Protests

Techbuyer's Sustainability Lead Astrid Wynne has been featured on the Data Center Dynamics (DCD) for her article on the importance of transparency as the sector arouses criticism.   

DCD is an online publication focussing on the news, updates, developments and opinions surrounding the data centre sector. They draw attention to the opinions of industry experts on global data centre events, as well as push for a more sustainable industry for all. Astrid's article, therefore, seemed like a natural fit for the opinions segment of the publication.  

Astrid's piece, "Data, the new oil, ignites protests" discusses the development of the data centre sector and how this has sparked public criticism from climate activists. Building on the idea that data is the new oil – the fuel of the 4th Industrial Revolution, she outlines how the growth of the industry attracts concerns on its use of energy and materials.  With tools and circular economy practices available to mitigate this, the sector needs to step up and demonstrate best sustainable business practices.  


Key Points:  

  • Protestors championing extinction rebellion banners briefly shut down a Data Centres Ireland event earlier this month. Their flags displayed an hour glass to illustrate that time is running out.  
  • The digital sector places a significant demand on the world's critical raw materials, and accounts for 3-5% of the world's electricity usage.  
  • Many in the industry are working for a more sustainable industry all round. Organisations like the CEDaCI, Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance and Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact and the DCA are working towards this.  
  • The Interact tool was launched earlier this year to help data centres analyse their carbon footprint and performance. The tool then offers scientifically-backed recommendations to improve data centre efficiency and sustainability. 

Techbuyer’s Sustainable IT Solutions 

Astrid is Sustainability Lead at Techbuyer, a refurbished IT specialist. Techbuyer provides sustainable technology solutions to companies globally, including environmentally responsible IT purchasing and disposal options. Find out more about Techbuyer’s sustainable solutions here.  

Read the full article by Astrid here.