In Search of Eternal Life for IT Hardware – Techerati

Here at Techbuyer we are constantly working on ways to give an “eternal life” to IT hardware. We aim to create a system that is regenerative by design, which minimises harmful emissions and turns waste into manufacturing resource. This is certainly a challenge but not an impossible dream.

Our Sustainability Manager Astrid Wynne explains more about our business model for Techerati. You can read the full article here.

  • Conversations about sustainability are shifting from energy efficiency and electricity supply to IT hardware.
  • The traditional argument has been that stripping out older machines and replacing them with newer ones is the smart move for reducing energy usage overall. Recent studies also show that refreshing machines that are older than five years has undeniable benefits for reducing energy use, increasing compute power and saving space.
  • There is no difference between refurbished and new servers for power draw or compute power. The immediate past generation of server can outperform the latest just by doubling the RAM.
  • As an industry, we are faced with a plethora of different server manufacturers with distinct component parts for each generation. There are hundreds of millions of servers out there that contain massive amounts of steel, aluminium and plastic, which are all costly in terms of Greenhouse Gas emissions to produce. They also contain precious metals and 12 of the 27 critical raw materials (CRMs) identified by the EU as in short or politically unstable supply.
  • Myths about refurbished including a perceived risk of second-hand equipment often hamper reuse, despite the evidence. Education of the sector through research, publications and honest conversations will help and there are good signs that this is already happening.

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