A Week in Marketing | Immersive and Educational Work Experience at Techbuyer

We recently welcomed Nathan Dallaston, a Harrogate College student as part of his work experience. Joining our Marketing Team for the week, we set Nathan a project to create a marketing campaign around the recent case study that Interact produced as a key part of their work for Techbuyer.  

We sat down to chat to Nathan at the end of his week with us to find out about how he found the experience:  

Q: Can you describe what project you worked on during your week at Techbuyer? 

A: On my first day, I was briefed on a marketing campaign that I was to be working on. I was able to spend the first day gathering the knowledge that I needed to create the campaign, it was a bit overwhelming as I was learning a lot of new information for the first time. By the second day, I was looking forward to getting started on the campaign! I wrote a blog post that is about the Interact tool, and how it’s helped Techbuyer analyse the efficiency of their servers. Then, I wrote a press release and created 5 social media posts! I was able to get an overview of what each member of the marketing team does in their role, which was really useful. At the end of the week, I presented the campaign that I put together to the team, and I got some really good feedback. 


Q: What did you enjoy the most during the week? 

A: The project that I was working on was very hands-on. It was really enjoyable to work on creating marketing content and doing tasks just like the team in Marketing do! It was good to learn the different software programmes that the team uses, and to see how using these tools are beneficial to keep ideas and projects organised, such as Monday.com. 


Q: If you could pick one thing that surprised you the most this week, what would it be? 

A: It would be learning about the effects of carbon emissions and why it is a problem. It was certainly eye-opening to learn that sending a text-based email emits about 4 grams of CO2e. Also, I didn’t know what to expect coming into this week, and I’ve really enjoyed it!  


Q: What was the most useful thing that you learned during your week here? 

A: It was really useful to learn how to use Canva for graphic design, because it’s so simple to use. You can focus on what you’re making instead of how you are making it. I know how to use Adobe Photoshop, but it was interesting to learn Canva, the pure simplicity of it means that you’re not limited and can be as creative as possible! 


Q: After learning a bit about what our sustainability team does, can you pinpoint one key thing that you learned about sustainability?  

A: After learning about the impact of e-waste and the carbon emissions from manufacturing technology, I think I’m going to try to change the way I use tech, for example maybe using my computer more efficiently. I’m going to think of ways I can be more environmentally friendly in my day-to-day life and look at ways that I can give back, like planting a tree or growing some plants – these are great ways to get rid of CO2 from the atmosphere!  


Q: What advice would you give to any future work experience students?  

A: I would advise any future work experience students to make sure to listen to advice from everyone at Techbuyer and just take it all in! Get stuck in, don’t feel overwhelmed, and give it 100% during your week there! 

(image copyright: Mark Newton Photography)