How to Remove a CPU from a HPE Server

If you're looking to replace your CPU for repairs or upgrade, removing the CPU carefully and safely is essential so as not to damage the equipment (both old and new) and to ensure that new equipment can be installed correctly.

In this video, we talk you through the process of removing your CPU from your HPE server. We will be using the HPE DL380 G9 as our example in the video, but this process applies to most HPE servers.

HPE CPU Removal:

  • Before you start, make sure you power down the server.
  • Remove the heatsink with a screwdriver, loosen the screws and lift out of the unit, put to one side.
  • Open each of the processor locking levers in the order indicated and then open the processor retaining bracket.
  • Remove the CPU from the bracket, make sure to take extra care as the CPU is a delicate piece of equipment.
  • Close the processor bracket and lock it in place with the processing locking levers.

For a full demonstration, watch our short video:

To install a new CPU once the removal is completed, follow our installation guide here. If you need any further help or advice on removing your CPU, or any other server repairs and upgrades, feel free to contact our experienced team.

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