How to install a CPU into a HPE server
The CPU is a fundamental component of your server and inserting it correctly is essential to the efficient and safe running of your IT system. Inserting the equipment carefully, according to a clear plan, ensures that neither the component, nor the device are damaged, nothing important is missed, and you won't injure yourself in the process.
Inserting the CPU into your HPE Server is a delicate process, but once you know what you’re doing, it becomes very simple. In this video we talk you through the process of installing your CPU, using the HPE DL380 G9 as our example.

HPE CPU Insertion:

  • Before you start, you must make sure to power down the server to prevent damage to the equipment as well as to protect yourself.
  • Remove the heatsink by loosening the screws with a screwdriver and lift the heatsink out of the unit.
  • You now need to open each of the processor locking levers in the indicated order and open the processor retaining bracket. This will make inserting the CPU easier.
  • Align the processor with the socket keys on the processor socket and slot it into place. Be careful to place the processor in the correct alignment as CPUs are delicate and you don’t want to damage the equipment.
  • Apply thermal paste to ensure even heat distribution. You don’t need too much thermal paste, but don’t be frugal with this as you don’t want your CPU to overheat.
  • Close the processor retaining bracket and lock the processor using the locking levers.
  • Place the heatsink over the processor and tighten the screws into place. Always screw the heatsink back into place in a cross.

Once completed, your CPU is securely installed into your server and ready to use.  For any further advice on CPU insertion, or working with any other server components, contact our experienced team. If you need to remove a used CPU from your server before installing your new equipment, follow our CPU removal guide for HPEservers here.

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