DCW London 2024

It’s that time again! IT professionals from around the world met up at the ExCeL in London this week for Data Centre World (DCW) London 2024. As part of this event, some of the biggest names in tech were present to discuss their new and current solutions, as well as to share industry news, trends, updates and findings.  

Representatives from Techbuyer were there, attending both days, to discuss sustainable IT solutions, industry-leading research and IEMA environmental training opportunities.  

Members of our Research and Sustainability Teams were also taking part in expert panels across the two days, sharing their research findings, as well as updates for the circular IT economy.   

The Impact of New Legislation – Metrics for Change or More of the Same 

Head of Public Sector and Sustainability, and Chartered Environmentalist, Astrid Wynne, joined a panel of experts to discuss the current legislation surrounding environmental practice and how this impacts the data centre sector. She was there to highlight the importance of context when it comes to sustainability reporting and how training can help with this.  

Astrid was joined by Richard Kenny, MD of Interact, Mark Butcher, MD of Posetiv, and Mark Acton, Non-Executive Director at EkkoSense.  

Data Centres – The Importance of Considering the Whole Picture 

Members of Techbuyer’s Research Team, Dr Kat Burdett and Dr Stephen Clement sat down for a fireside chat with Jon Summers, Scientific Lead for RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, to discuss their recent paper exploring data centre efficiency.  

This study examined the effects of a data centre trend, Hot IT, on the performance and efficiency of IT hardware to find out if this method actually saves money for server estates. This involved testing how well servers performed under different conditions within our bespoke wind tunnel and creating a digital data centre from this data that could be transplanted around the world.  

Read our full research paper here to find out more.  

Carbon Accounting – Accuracy, Challenges and Opportunities  

Astrid was back on stage for day two of the event, this time in conversation with Dan Scarborough, Chief Revenue Officer at Stells, Loren Long, Co-Founder and CEO of 3tag and Deborah Andrews, Professor of Design for Sustainability and Circularity at LSBU.  

During the discussion, Astrid explored problems with current metrics for monitoring performance, including the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which gives refurbished technology a higher Scope 3 Carbon Cost than new technology. However, this means that when it comes to refurbished IT hardware there’s a problem with carbon accounting. Read our full article on this issue in Data Centre Dynamics here. 

Directing the Green Horizon: Sustainable Strategies for Minisming Carbon Footprint in Data Centres 

Astrid hosted a panel discussing the siloed nature of data centres and the impact that this has had on the development of sustainability and efficiency practices. Dr Kat Burdett joined Astrid on this panel, adding invaluable knowledge on the performance of servers under varying conditions.  

Since Sustainability is about creating a system that works, it means we need transparency and knowledge sharing. With this in mind, the panel brought five very different perspectives on the data centre sector:     

  • A consultancy looking at all sustainability impacts
  • A standards body that works with verifying cooling equipment
  • A researcher who focuses on systems of systems integration to feed a digital twin
  • An experienced professional who has worked with many data centres over many years
  • A research institute that offers market reports and also training

After giving their own perspectives, the panellists then had a conversation about the points each of them had raised. This was opened up to the audience at the end so more people could get involved in the conversation. 

The Data Centre World Awards  

Astrid also took part in the judging panel for this year’s DCW awards to assess the progress made by different companies within the industry. She was also there to hand out the award for Green Data Centre of the Year to CSSi.  

Techbuyer’s Circular IT Solutions for a More Sustainable Practice 

Circularity and sustainability are essential to the services we offer to promote the establishment of a thriving IT industry for now and the future. We work with businesses to supply more sustainable solutions for their technology and to develop more circular IT habits when purchasing, developing, maintaining or disposing of IT hardware.  

These services cover IT Asset Disposition, refurbished hardware, new technology designed specifically around use cases, IT maintenance and IEMA sustainability training.  
View our full range of life cycle services here to find out how we can help you with your current or future IT needs.