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Technology has often been stereotyped as a male industry, and, historically, with good reason! In a recent study by PwC, it was reported that only 3% of females say that a career in technology is their first choice and 16% of women had a career in technology suggested to them. Even more shockingly, 78% of students can’t name a famous woman in technology while Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are now household names!

According to a recent article by HR News, however, five cities within the UK are leading the way in addressing the gender gap within the Tech sector. HR news identified Cambridge, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol and Leeds as five cities in which women can more easily seek a role within the technology sector. We were thrilled to see that, out of these five cities, three are located in the North, highlighting the wealth of talent and potential for expansion in the tech industry within the North of the UK.

Techbuyer was highlighted as a fast-growing company in Leeds that offers exciting opportunities to both women and men looking to start or advance their career in technology in this article. 

Within our company, 11 women currently hold a managerial title; we have four female directors and three female team leaders. We have women leading the conversation and steering our organisation across all areas of The Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit). Our female directors can be found in Marketing and Sales (Profit), HR (People) and our Sustainability department (Planet).

However, Techbuyer is committed to the belief that good business means investing in our people and helping them develop a meaningful career that excites them! As a result, these numbers are only set to grow!

Celebrating Women in Tech

At Techbuyer, we celebrate the achievements and innovation of our entire team, however, we are also committed to drawing attention to the incredible work and achievements made by the women in our organisation.

In 2021, our Lead Application Developer, Nour Rteil, was shortlisted at the Women in Tech Festival for “Software Engineer of the Year.” Nour shared her thoughts on the importance of Tech once announced as a finalist:

“I think it is a great opportunity to highlight what women are contributing to in Tech, especially because the sector has been mostly dominated by men and most of the tech breakthroughs, we hear about in the news are accomplished by men. Hopefully, this will inspire women, especially younger girls, to consider a career in Tech by having someone they can relate to in some way.”

We encourage any woman eager to explore a career in technology to advance that passion and see where it can take you and provide plenty of opportunities to advance into a leadership position!

If you are excited to find a position within a forward-thinking and fast-growing technology company, get in touch with HR team to see if we have any positions available or check out our careers page to see the roles we are currently recruiting for here.

Read the full article on women exploring careers in tech on HR News’ website here.

Values Driven Success

In a recent podcast our founder and CEO, Kevin Towers, talks about how Techbuyer started, how exactly the company got to where it is now and what the future looks like for the sustainable technology industry. Our people-centric view has always been a cornerstone of our business’s success and development; we want to help our employees to become their best selves, we recognise passion, we promote teamwork, fairness and honesty, and we offer support for continuous development.

As Kev says: “There is no point in having huge growth if you do not have a happy team because at some point the wheels fall off. I very much, personally, look to make sure that we have a happy team in place that fuels growth.”

Caring for and building excellent relationships with our employees has paved the way for our growth. Listen to the full podcast here.