Ask the Expert: 8 Ways to Save on ICT Hardware – Insider Media

As a result of Covid-19, companies are now prioritising reliable, locally sourced and budget friendly IT hardware more than ever. Ensuring that employees are able to work from home can come at a high cost, but there are ways around this as our Sales Manager, Nina Brooks explains.

For tips and recommendations on how businesses can save on ICT hardware, read Nina’s full article on the Insider Media website.

Article summary:

  1. Take the time to research what upgrades and changes are actually needed. Carrying out informed changes on components will give you much the same result and you can often save twice by using refurbished hardware.
  2. Rent, don’t buy. With uncertainty around how much provision is needed and for how long, renting can be the best solution. Techbuyer offers a rental service on IT hardware which helps companies navigate these uncertain times.
  3. Buy local. Techbuyer can ship a wide range of equipment from as early as the same day you place your order.
  4. Sell unwanted ICT to the secondary Many companies are unaware that their old hardware is still valuable. If you consider this option, always rely on companies that have invested time and effort in getting the right accreditations (ADISA) which can secure that your sensitive data is erased safely.
  5. Refurbish PCs and The refresh cycles are around three years however component level upgrades, like adding SSD or doubling the RAM, will increase the performance of your devices without having to replace them.

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