Digital Detox: Less is More – Data Centre Dynamics

Earlier this month, Astrid Wynne, Sustainability Manager at Techbuyer was asked to contribute to an Opinion piece in Data Centre Dynamics (DCD). The feature was published alongside other industry professionals tackling a range of topics including disaster recovery, healthcare and climate change in the data centre industry. You can read Astrid’s article in full here.


Article summary:

  • The energy consumption and data footprint of the data centre industry is significant. In 2015, the expected proportion of digital was 3 percent of global energy use by 2025. The 2019 report raised this to 5 percent, an increase of two thirds, with a worst case scenario being 8 percent (as stated in Lean ICT: Towards Digital Sobriety).
  • Unless we are prepared to kiss goodbye to our banking systems, healthcare, government, business and much of our social glue, the digital equivalent of Dry January is impossible. However, there are simple steps we can make that reduce our transfer and storage of data. 
  • The main hurdle we will have to face, when it comes to making products last for longer, is renouncing the shiny new feeling of a brand-new device.


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