5 of the Best Tech ‘Easter Eggs’ to Keep you Entertained over the Long Weekend

1.      Nouveller’s 404 Page

Nouveller is a web design agency run by Benjamin Reid in Bristol, UK, who have one of the best 404 pages on the web. Remember that scene from Jurassic Park when Dennis Nedry, played by Wayne Knight, ran off with the vial of frozen dinosaur embryos and left his hacked computer behind to wreck all sorts of havoc?

Thanks to Nouveller's interactive and extremely creative 404 error page, you're about to experience the same level of frustration that Ray Arnold, played by Samuel L. Jackson, did in the movie.

Visit www.nouveller.com/404 and try type in a password at least three times. Can you get into the system? Ah, ah, ah... you didn't say the magic word!

2.      Coca Cola Source Code Art

If you visit the Coca Cola corporate website, right click on the page and select ‘View the source code’ or ‘Inspect’ and you’re in for a little extra treat. The website developers have created the Coca Cola logo within the source code. Go try it yourself: www.coca-colacompany.com/

Tech Easter eggs

Source code art is becoming an increasingly more common way for web developers to hide Easter eggs on websites. You can also find them on www.mozilla.org, www.flickr.com and a personal favourite of mine can be found in the source code of www.theoatmeal.com.

3.      Google loves an Easter Egg

You probably use Google every day, but did you know they have loads of tricks, funny searches and games hidden behind its fast layers or database? Here are five of our favourites:

  1. Search for ‘do a barrel roll’ without the quotes and hold onto your desk for dear life!
  2. Have you got an obsessive or perfectionist colleague? Then this trick will not sit well with them. Type ‘tilt’ and click ‘I’m feeling lucky’.
  3. Want to see what Google looked like at just one year old? Search ‘Google in 1998’ and you’ll be forever grateful for the last 20 years of web design development.
  4. Search for ‘Blink HTML’ and you’ll have the words ‘blink’ and ‘HTML’ burning your eyes as they flash all over the search results.
  5. You can play a game of Breakout, within the search results of Google Images. Just search for ‘Atari Breakout’ and click the Images tab and the page will morph into breakable bricks.
Tech Easter eggs

4.      YouTube ‘Awesome’

Want to add something different (and totally pointless) to your YouTube viewing session? Simply play a video on YouTube, hold your cursor over the player window and type "awesome" and press enter to transform the progress bar into a strobing technicolour rainbow nightmare. A great addition to any party with YouTube as the DJ. Try it on our company video below.

5.      Playtime on Facebook Messenger

iOS and Android users can play basketball in their Facebook Messenger app, by sending a basketball emoji to a chat window and pressing on it. This brings up a basketball net, and the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

tech easter eggs

That was our top five favourite Easter eggs that you can find and enjoy over the long Easter weekend! Have an eggcellent Easter, and please let us know in the comments what your favourite Easter egg is or if you have ever found some yourself in games, online, on hardware or software.

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