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With over 150,000 new and refurbished IT parts in stock including servers, switches and storage arrays from over 150 brands, including HP, Dell, Intel, IBM and Cisco, our comprehensive rental and leasing service offers high-performance IT equipment at competitive prices. Our service is tailored to meet your exact needs, with the option for bespoke configuration along with flexible IT hardware rental.

Hire IT Equipment for Upgrades, Migration, Virtualisation and Relocation 

Whether you need to hire IT equipment for upgrades, migration, virtualisation, relocation or any  reason, your personal account manager will advise you on the best IT technology to meet and exceed your user requirements. In terms of budgetary constraints, our rent-to-own programme will help you to spread the cost of the IT equipment in a tax efficient way, allowing you to avoid the initial upfront expenditure, therefore keeping funds available for other monetary demands.

Determine the Term and How Frequently You Pay

We offer completely flexible leases and rentals, allowing you to determine the term, how frequently you pay and the technology can even be upgraded or changed throughout the duration of the lease. Whether it’s six HDDs or a full enterprise server solution, we offer either a short term rental of one to three months or the option to spread the cost of purchase over a number of years. As our huge IT inventory is updated in real time, if you see it on our website or on BrokerBin, you know it is in stock and can be delivered to you or your customer right away.   

Efficient IT Rental and Leasing Service with Fast Delivery   

We offer an efficient pre-sales advice service, whereby we will get back to you within minutes of making an enquiry and give you the best advice based on your specific data centre requirements. Our configure-to-order (CTO) server service means we will not only specify the optimum server configuration to suit your business, but will build it too- all completely free of charge. We are able to provide same-day deliveries to the UK and Europe and next-day deliveries to the US and major cities worldwide. This means that in the event of any unplanned downtime or day-to-day component failure, we can provide you with replacement parts quickly and efficiently, helping to get your business back online as quickly as possible.

We offer flexible rental and leasing options including: 

  • Short and long term availability
  • Low, fixed payments to allow for easy budgeting throughout the term
  • End of rental purchase options

“We required a number of HDDs for a one month long project. Due to the short duration of the project, purchasing the HDDs outright would not have been a worthwhile option. Instead, we approached Techbuyer and discussed the best HDD rental options to suit our requirements. As they could offer 24 x 600GB HDDs for less than 10% of the total cost of buying the HDDs, this was by far the best solution financially for our business. Techbuyer were also totally flexible when it came to the duration of the lease, allowing us to rent the equipment solely for the one month period. In terms of price and flexibility, Techbuyer were the perfect solution for our business.”
 -Spokesperson from major UK IT provider-    

Benefits of Techbuyer Rental and Leasing Service:

  • Flexible leasing terms for IT Equipment designed to meet individual requirements
  • Short and long term leasing options
  • Low, fixed payments allow easy budgeting throughout the term
  • End of rental purchase options
  • Real time IT inventory updated every 10 minutes
  • Items can be configured-to-order 

Contact us today and we’ll get back to you straight away with a FREE evaluation and quote. 

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