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Stronger Together – Our partnerships with trade associations, government organisations and other companies


We develop partnerships with other companies, trade associations and government organisations to gain a better understanding of our industry and create a connected vision of high-quality, cost-effective and sustainable IT infrastructure. By pooling our knowledge, experience and resources we can broaden our product and service portfolio, ensuring we are always able to supply our customers with a complete IT solution whilst achieving a greater positive impact together.

High performance hardware from Ortial Technologies

Ortial Technologies is a recognised innovator and creator of server and networking upgrades. Ortial specialises in high performance transceivers, memory and data storage components. Techbuyer is Ortial’s number one distributor and over the past couple of years we have developed a strong partnership with the company.

Ortial Technologies

Server virtualisation with VMware

Techbuyer is proud to partner with a world-leading virtualisation and cloud computing software provider, VMware. Installing VMware can remove the pain and worry of bare metal restores, consolidate rack space and server workloads, reduce overall operational costs and reduce Windows licencing fees. Get in touch with our VMware certified sales and technical professionals to find out more.


Security made simple with Sophos

Sophos products allow you to secure every end point of your network, from laptops to virtual desktops and servers, to web, email traffic and mobile devices. Sophos’ mantra of ‘security made simple’ underpins all their offerings, whilst their extensive range of defences against zero-day threats and data loss is backed by big data analytics gained from its global network of Threat Intelligence centres, SophosLabs. Techbuyer has in-house Sophos certified sales consultants and technical engineers and is proud to not only be a silver partner of Sophos, but to also use Sophos as our primary provider of security.


Revolutionary data protection from Veeam

Veeam has pioneered a new kind of solution that delivers high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified recoverability, leveraged data and complete visibility. Veeam Availability Suite leverages virtualisation, storage, and cloud technologies to help organisations save time, mitigate risks and dramatically reduce capital and operational costs. Techbuyer inhouse Veeam certified sales professionals and technical consultants are proud to be a Veeam ProPartner, allowing us to tailor the Availability Suite to your organisation’s specific needs.


All-flash storage solutions from Pure Storage

We work with Pure Storage to offer our customers all-flash data storage hardware and software solutions for data centres. All-flash array (AFA) uses only flash media for a storage solution that is significantly faster than conventional storage and is ideal for enterprise customers such as banks or NHS trusts who have big data requirements, analytics and AI applications. We offer three product lines with Pure Storage: the FlashBlade for unstructured data, the FlashArray//M that uses Pure Storage's proprietary flash hardware and the higher-end NVMe FlashArray//X.

Pure Storage

Simplify data centre operations with HCI from Nutanix

Working with Nutanix, Techbuyer is able to offer hyperconverged-infrastructure (HCI) appliances. HCI is a software-defined IT infrastructure that virtualises all the elements of conventional "hardware-defined" systems. We work closely with Nutanix and our customers to offer the best HCI systems on the market.


New retail networking equipment from D-Link

D-Link is our preferred partner for new retail networking equipment. D-Link is an award-winning designer, developer and manufacturer of networking solutions for businesses. Partnering with D-Link has given us access to preferential pricing that we can pass on to our customers.


Promoting refurbished data centre equipment with Data Centre Alliance

The DCA is a not-for-profit trade association comprising of leaders and experts from across the data centre sector. With over 450 associate and corporate members, The DCA represents the largest independent data centre trade association of its kind. We work closely with the DCA to promote the environmental, cost and performance benefits of refurbished data centre equipment as well as using events to network and strike up other partnerships with like-minded companies.

Data Centre Alliance

Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Project (KTP) and the University of East London

Innovate UK is part of a national funding agency investing in research in the UK. Techbuyer and the University of East London are working on an exciting Innovate UK funded project with the aim of transforming the way data centre equipment is refreshed. We are working with a computer science graduate from the University of East London to develop a set of models and a tool that will allow in-depth understanding of hardware refresh cycles, environmental impact of such practices, and business case analysis. The project will embed academic expertise within the company and result in an innovative business application.

Innovate UK

Promoting refurbished product with WRAP

WRAP's vision is a world in which resources are used sustainably. Between 2010 and 2015 in England alone, WRAP initiatives reduced greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50 million tonnes (Mt), which is equivalent to the annual carbon dioxide emissions of Portugal. We work with WRAP to promote recycling, reuse and refurbished IT hardware and became members of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Sustainability Action Plan 2025 (esap 2025) in December 2017.


Representing Northern businesses with the Northern Powerhouse Partnership

The Northern Powerhouse Partnership Programme is an essential part of creating the Northern Powerhouse – a network of 140 partners who all strongly believe in the economic potential of the north and support the need for a combined effort, by the Government and businesses, to realise that potential. As a member of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership Programme, Techbuyer has committed to supporting the programme and to help inspire and encourage investment in the north. Techbuyer occupies a distinctive position as an exporter to over 100 countries from its facilities in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and is one of the fastest growing tech companies in the north.

Northern Power House

Fighting for a fair and safe industry with the ASCDI

The Association of Service and Computer Dealers is a not for profit association of companies that buy, sell and service computer, telecom and other technical equipment and solutions. The ASCDI is leading the fight on behalf of honest resellers worldwide on the issues surrounding counterfeit, import restrictions, resale restrictions, software transfer and right to repair just to name a few. Membership is only granted to businesses who can acquire references and prove a track record of providing high quality products and services.


Promoting industry best practices with UNEDA

The United Network Equipment Deal Association is an organisation that is renowned for difficulty of becoming a member. UNEDA is an alliance of more than 300 of the top used network equipment dealers worldwide. These secondary market suppliers work together to promote industry best practices, ensure the highest standards of product quality, and eradicate counterfeit and fraud in the secondary market. As a UNEDA member, Techbuyer works with a community of similar businesses to educate the public about today’s secondary market.


Supporting the secondary market with Free ICT Europe

Free ICT Europe Foundation (FIE) is a not-for-profit foundation actively promoting the ICT Secondary Market within Europe. We work with the foundation to further reuse and improve legislation that allows companies to support the aftermarket. An example of this is the EU Eco-Design Legislation that was published late 2018, which mandated firmware be made publicly available to support server performance in second, third and subsequent lives with new users.

Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Driving sustainability in the education sector with the EAUC

In 2019, we were honoured to become an EAUC partner. We work with the EAUC to drive sustainability to the heart of universities and colleges. We work with a large number of organisations in the education sector and our business is well aligned with generating real social and environmental change in this sector.


St Michael’s Hospice Guild of Patrons

Techbuyer is proud to be a patron of a nearby palliative care hospice based just a stone’s throw away from the Techbuyer head office in Harrogate. St Michael's is a local charity that exists to improve the lives of people affected by terminal illness and associated bereavement. The charity provides care to over 2000 people each year completely free of charge and it is reliant on the support of the local community and corporate support for the majority of running costs. Techbuyer is a member of St Michael's Guild of Patrons, who play a key role in driving forward service improvement and expansion.

St Michaels Hospice

Supporting the local community with the Cone Exchange

Techbuyer is always looking for ways to reduce waste and create value where possible. With this in mind, we have set up a partnership with local scrap superstars the Cone Exchange, a community project that creates a positive impact in Harrogate by turning waste into quality refurbished items. Their overheads are funded by Bettys and Taylors as part of the company’s commitment to social responsibility.

Cone Exchange

Policy Connect

Furthering the cause of reuse and product life extension is a topic close to our hearts. In December 2019, we joined cross party government think tank Policy Connect to share research and insights into innovative solutions to the waste stream and new attitudes towards remanufacturing. The organisation brings together academics, policy makers and business to chart a path towards better use of materials and a more sustainable business environment.

Policy Connect

Advocating for secure data destruction with NAID

Techbuyer is a member of National Association of Information Destruction, a non-profit, international trade association for companies in the secure data destruction industry. It operates as the watchdog for the industry, ensuring best practice in data sanitization worldwide.

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